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Rebuilding the 250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by scotts RR, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Ok, been a member for a while now, but am in need of direction.
    So my cbr250rr is on her last legs i feel. Its up around the 90 000km mark, and before i got it, had a poor life. It stills pulls as hard for a 250, and keeps up with all the others but i'd love to give her a breath of fresh air.

    So im after ball park figures and experiences with this.
    I'm not a mechanic, but i am mechanically minded, do alot of the work on my car myself and am handy with a few tools.

    Im thinking if its gunna cost less than 2k in parts including a sports clutch (brand/type?) ill give it a go.
    Now with cars, when you rebuild, you generally go from like a 2ltr, to a 2.2. Does the same go with the bike? 250cc to like a 275cc?

    Any imput would be much appreciated.
  2. Ok I assume you're talking about reconditioning the engine.

    Firstly a sports clutch for a bike is usually a dry clutch conversion and that I'm guessing is going to be about $5K.

    For street work a standard clutch is fine.

    Secondly for a full engine rebuild you are going to be looking at much more than $2K. Probably closer to $3-5K.

    big bore kits are available for many bikes but for the 250/4s you might have to have a good working knowledge of the Japanese aftermarket industry to find one.

    If you can find them add $$ for that.

    If your budget is $2K then check the compression and if it's in the ballpark then just do the head and give the carbies a good once over.

    That should give you everything back. Any money spent after that should be spent on suspension, bushes, bearings and tyres for the best performance/$

    If the compression is not in the acceptable range then go and get an engine from in importer with the right compression. Then just do the carbies.
  3. Really!
    3 to 5 is way more than i thought.
    To rebuild a rb25 6 cyl turbo in my car was only 6 and i did no work.
    I honestly thought it would be way less.
    I will just get a new standed clutch.
    looks like ill be going more towards the reco side of things than the rebuild
    Any more opinions?
  4. Oh and i have many contacts in japan for cheaper parts too which will help
  5. You could give it a go yourself, the honda service guide is widely available on the net.

    If you can't get the parts locally, you can order most from places such as this http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cbr250rrl-mc22-japan_model14665/partslist/E13.html
    I hear removing the valves is a biatch though.

    However, in your situation I'd just give the carbs a clean. Perhaps get them rebalanced. Engine should have a bit of life in it left. Done a compression or leak down test?
  6. Nar no leak down or comp test as yet.
    Will give it a go and see how it comes up.
    So does nobody rebuild their cibby's???
    run them into the ground and chuck em out?
  7. Yup, I'd say top end rebuild if compression test is ok.

    Things to spend on;
    - steering head bearings
    - new sporty tyres
    - new chain and sprockets if they are worn
    - full carby clean and sync (properly done)
    - Get suspension rebuilt, ie. (expect to pay about 400ish for this)
    - Replace consumeables, oil + filter, air, coolants, brake fluid, etc.
  8. $2000 - $3000 is a lot of money to spend on a 250.

    CBR250s are superb machines, quick, nimble and cheap to maintain.

    Why dont you sell yours off for $3000 or whatever you think its now worth, and buy a newer cbr250 with less kms better nic with the money you were planning to rebuild your current engine with.

    But if your doing it for a learning experience and a bit of fun away from work than do it man! would be quite a project.
  9. yeh i would be as a fun thing to do over a few weekend........

    But i'd rather spend 3k on this motor (only paid 2800 for it) and have it back to brand new then sell it and buy another. i'd never buy another 250, only because i would upgrade.
    At this point in time (and probably the next 5 years) i cant afford to buy a new bike (look at spending 8-10k). I have a drift car, and that sucks me dry.

    So rebuild or reco for less 3k, keep for 5 years i can justify. If thats way not enough money, ill just keep servicing it till it dies and sell it as scrap when im done
  10. Theres a matte black cbr250rr at my campus that has about 90k+ kms on the clock, nicely blinged up, if you want a pic for inspiration let me know and I'll take a photo or two for you. Respect to those little bikes, especially in the hands of those that can ride them hard.
  11. Another 10-20k K's and he can sell it to an unsuspecting learner. :p
    Testament to Honda that they can survive being thrashed by generation after generation so well :)
  12. Yeah I think a certain friend of ours proved you could sit on 20000rpm WOT all day and it would still never die. Unless theres a bunch of unsuspecting water around a corner :cry:
  13. personally, I don't think it's worth spending that much on your CBR250, you won't re-coop the money when it comes time to sell it (assuming you want to upgrade).

    Probably better to sell it and buy something new. If you want a bike with some umph, try a VTR250, they sound great with after market pipes, and go really well, much newer than CBRs too.

  14. Or the older VT250 spadas, they have more than the vtrs :p

    You don't need to spend 3k to get it running well, carby rebuild/clean, new clutch, major major service and it'll be much nicer.
  15. Getting the money back on resale is not an issue...........
    I cant afford to upgrade to a 636 or alike hence why im willing to throw 3k into my and keep it for another 5yrs.
    I have thrown over 30k at my 180, and would probably put a sale price of about 15 0n it.......... Unfortunatly im used to throwing away money.
    If i was to put a sale price on my bike atm, considering the km's and accident damage it would be around the 3k mark. so its not really worth selling, considering i owe more than that on it.
  16. ?????? the 3k that the bike is worth + the 3K you would spend on the reco = $6K.....there's a lot of good 600-750-900 sports bikes out there for that money....much better idea than throwing any money at a 250, especially now that LAMS has reduced the 250's value and position in the marketplace.
  17. Yea thats a good point........
    but im still waiting for all the prices for everything.
    Ill amke my final decision once i know how much its all gunna cost. I'd love to pull it all down myself and rebuild it, thats why im morew leaning towards that idea i think :p
  18. Have any of you guys ever done this before.

    I know a guy who was racing a CBR250RR, and he said it costs him about $3000 to pay for someone else to do the rebuild for him. Also a lot of the guys racing would rather spend the extra money and get what they know is a good engine rebuilt rather then buying another motor.

    It may cost you a little more time and effort into doing it yourself, but it sounds like you'd enjoy doing it.

    I can't remember if wiseco do oversized pistons for the 250 or not, boring it out sounds like fun, but that bit is expensive. Easy for the off road guys who only have to do it to one cylinder, but when you have four its gets pricey. I'll try and find out for you if wiseco do it.

    Also I'm pretty sure Goodrich still do performance plates and springs for the clutches which aren't too expensive. I had a set of friction plates not too long ago, just not sure if its still in production.

    Sounds like fun mate, good luck with it which ever way you go.


  19. My bad, smallest road bikes wiseco seem to be doing for honda is the CBR600F. Let me know if your interested mate, I can always put an enquiry into Japan see if we can import something from there.
  20. Hey cheers for that mate, Thats the best reply thus far.
    I have a few mate's that live in japan and they are looking for me.
    their in the car scene and im not too sure how they are gunna go.
    If its not to much trouble mate, i'd appreciate it if you could help me out