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Rebuilding a Writeoff

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Linux_insidev2, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys

    I've got a written off 675 with a broken frame, no hope of repairing the frame.
    Basically I'm exploring my options, one of them is to get a new frame and transfer everything across to it.

    What I really need to know though, what sort of hoops am I going to have to jump through to get it back on the road and registered if I go down this path?
    Several thousands of dollars on inspections and stuff I guess, I'm kind of hoping someone here can tell me what I need to know

  2. Someone replied to a similar post with a great amount of information about the process. Yes, expect to pay alot for VIVs and similar, plus alot more, and normal rego costs.

    And I should point out, the amount of time/frustration required to transfer everything across to the new frame is massive. If you're outsourcing that work then forget about it, the labour cost would be more than the bike's worth by far.
  3. Yeah well I'd be doing the work myself with the help of a few mates.

    I think it might be worth it, the insurers valued the wreck at around $1200 or something.

    The thing is that the only real damage is the frame and nose piece.
  4. Track bike?
  5. your best option is to buy a frame from a wrecker (or whole bike at auction)
    And just transfer everything if the frame VIN is listed as a write of u will have to get a VIV (in NSW) and normal rego duties other than that there is nothing specail.

    geting a new frame from truimpth would be more hassle and dearer.
  6. Finding a wrecked 675 nearby isn't easy :p

    Triumph quoted $5,000 for a new frame
  7. Which state are you in? If you are in Vic you will have to find a frame in good condition. Keep trying the wreckers. You then have to have the frames swapped and the bike in good condition overall. Then you need to take it to a VASS engineer who will check it over (to make sure you swapped it with the same frame model) and have a 'surrogate VIN' issued by Vicroads. Expect the engineer + surrogate VIN to cost about $600.
    Thats just for the VIN change. Im pretty sure a seperate check is required to clear its written off status (VIV check). If it is then thats $450. Not to mention the stamp duty and registration costs ($1300 approx). R/worthy ($100) So your looking at at least $2500 just for the paperwork.

    If I was you I would get a second hand frame, swap the frames yourself. Get the bike structurally fixed with all the bare essentials. Get some track bodywork ($400-800). Give it a nice spray of paint. You can keep it for trackdays or you shouldn't have any problem selling it as 675's are desirable trackbikes.
  8. Bleh

    Sounding less and less like it's worth the effort. I am really set on getting it road registerable.

    I'm thinking of buying another 675, maybe I'll keep this one for spares or track it.

    I'm in NSW btw
  9. The effort is not actually fixing up the bike, its the bloody paperwork. Whatever you think it will cost to fix, it will end up costing more. It always does.

    If you fix it up yourself you can track it or sell it as a trackbike. I think there would be a lot of buyers interested.