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rebuild help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by nalasrob, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. HI all,
    I have a friend wanting to rebuild an old GPX. Given its condition(and the bike!) I wonder why (1984 I think?). It seems the task itself is the attraction, but he needs to find someone who will help with the engine rebuild, suspension etc.

    He's ok with a spanner but not up to an engine rebuild. He'd probably just be stripping the bike down and then handing parts over to someone more knowledgable.

    Soooo....I'm looking for any recommendations for someone who might handle this job without charging an arm and a leg like the big dealerships. Perhaps a smaller business specialising in the mechanical aspects of the rebuild?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who's undertaken this sort of project and the pitfalls.

  2. ummm
    what sorta GPx...????
    there are three...GPX250, GPx600 and GPx750R from the mid 80's
    and BIG differences....
    sum more info pls... :D
  3. GPX250. Black one with black wheels...sure that gives some hints to the date of manufacture but not intimately familiar with it myself.
  4. never done anything like that, but two places have never ripped me off and always looked after me.

    Global motorcycles in dandenong

    Dandynong motorcycle wreckers

    dandy bikes does more dirt bikes than anything, but they do still handle road bikes. global would be my first choice, the bloke that owns that place is always up for a chat about a project.....
  5. does he have something like a workshop manual? if so, and he can obtain the necessary tools and parts, why not... just might take a while ;)
  6. hrmmmm GPX250 you say?? i reckon it would be better financially, to just get another one :? those things are cheap as chips in decent condition, just keep the project for spares.

    either that or butcher the thing. turn it into a dirt squirter or motard or something :twisted: now thats a project worth ripping into...... ideas ideas ideas, malissa better not leave her GPX unattended for too long at a time :LOL:
  7. Thx for the feedback.

    My friend has the full manual, but only rudimentary gear, so honing a bore or doing any machine work is out of the question.

    A dirt squirter project...hmmm...now maybe that could spike some interest.