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Rebuild 2005 CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Pastamaker01, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. I bought a 2005 CBR1000RR January this year and have spent a lot of $$$ and time rebuilding it.
    Here is a list of things Dave from Dyno Bike has done, let me know what you think......
    1. Degrease and water blast entire bike including engine
    2. Matris front fork cartridge F05 R
    3. Matris rear monoshock absorber M05 R
    4. Dynojet primary V module power commander
    5. Dynojet secondary fuel module power commander
    6. Dynojet ignition firing module
    7. Dynojet quick shift kit
    8. Race throttle cable and kit
    9. Yoshimura RS-5 stainless/carbon full system
    10. 15th front sprocket
    11. Renthal clip-on premium race spec handle bars
    12. MRA racing windshield – smoke grey colour
    13. SSB powersport lithium battery
    14. Pro-bolt titanium nuts and bolts (entire bike)
    15. Marchesini 17 inch M10RR Corse magnesium wheels
    16. Pirelli front tyre Diablo Supercorsa SC 120/70 ZR 17
    17. Pirelli rear tyre Diablo Supercorsa SC 190/55 ZR 17
    18. Brembo callipers HPK includes Brembo pads
    19. Brembo full floating discs
    20. Brembo front brake master cylinder
    21. Brembo clutch master cylinder
    22. Brembo front brake assembly
    23. Brembo race front brake lever
    24. Brembo race clutch lever
    25. Venhill braided front brake hoses – carbon
    26. Venhill braided rear brake hose – carbon
    27. Venhill braided clutch line hose - carbon
    28. Samco hose kit – red colour
    29. Rizoma Proguard racing system – RHS only
    30. Rizoma lux grips – black
    31. Rizoma Handlebar race caps, 65 grams each – black
    32. Rizoma fluid tank 15 cm3 rear brake – black
    33. Rizoma graffito led indicators – black
    34. Rizoma gas cap – black
    35. Rizoma engine oil filler cap – black
    36. Rizoma engine/fairing guards PRO – black
    37. Rizoma licence plate sport eliminator – black
    38. Rizoma swing arm spools – black
    39. Rizoma chain adjuster – gold
    40. Rizoma veloce mirror- black
    41. Rizoma crank case guard – black/gold
    42. Bikecraft UV shield carbon fibre heat shield
    43. Bikecraft UV shield carbon fibre side panels – just below petrol tank, both sides
    44. Bikecraft UV shield carbon fibre front wheel guard
    45. Bikecraft painted all fairings from scratch

  2. :worthlesspics:
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  3. Plus HOW many $$$$?
  4. Yeah, pics will be here shortly.....
    It has cost so far too much, I spent $7,500 on the bike and $19,348 on the work done.
    I have problems loading images for some reason, is it the size?
  5. holy shit that is a lot of coin..
  6. Wow. That's one hella customised bike. Hope u work out getting the pics up.
  7. Here are a couple of pictures, engine removed and ready for pressure clean and strip the remainder of the bike.


    Now that I have worked this picture thing out, I will post many more for your viewing.

    The swing arm gets a good clean.


    Engine goes back in after pressure clean, minor adjustments and SAMCO hoses.


    Attached Files:

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  8. You've spent $27k so far? They're like 19k brand new aren't they?

    Not judging, we all have our passions
  9. For that coinage, id get a brand new one and a fully prepped race bike............then scab the go fast bit from the race bike and swap it with OEM.


    Buy a fully (everything done) championship winning race bike and put the minimum road going parts to it and rego it.........that way youll have one hella fast and proven bike with someone else's coinage ;).

  10. In saying that people rebuild boats, cars, bicycles, motorbikes etc, etc, yes we could all save money in buying something already done, however creating something by yourself (even with help from others) creates a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, and having such a journey cannot be purchased, it must be experienced,

    I for one say this looks like an awesome build and look forward to the project, best of luck, and thanks for sharing :)
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  11. Yup its gonna be an awsome build :)..........cant wait for more pics.

    Jim most of my friends know that im lazy, so anything pre done is my kind of work lol :)
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  12. No doubt it's gonna be awesome, it's just the money that makes our butts pucker
  13. #13 CraigA, May 5, 2013
    Last edited: May 5, 2013
    True, but you don't need to spend more than the value of a new bike to rebuild an older one.

    This rebuild has cost a lot more than the average bike rebuild due to the list of exotic parts that have probably replaced perfectly serviceable OEM parts. Money has been spent here extravagantly for high dollar light weight gear ( such as the wheels) and bling bits and pieces.

    Nothing wrong with that of course if that's what floats the owners boat. As long as he doesn't regret it down the track then its all good. Its going to be an awesome bike of course, but so is anything new that could have been bought for that type of coin. Think BMW S1000 HP4!

    From the opposite end of the scale, I have just restored my 2002 CR500E which I bought quite cheaply ( compared to what you see them advertised for) 2 years ago.
    It cost me under $1000 to restore and consisted of new plastics, new expansion chamber, new pegs, frame sandblast and respray, soda blasting of hubs, engine and other bits and pieces such as swingarm, brake calipers, etc to bring them back to looking how they did before the years of grime attached itself. Another thing I invested in is a lot of elbow grease and degreaser.

    I didn't spend money unneccesarily but the bike looks almost as good as it would have in the showroom with the exception of the the slightly discoloured fuel tank and use marks and scratches in the metal components that were too deep to get out with metal polish or wet and dry.

    I have the same sense of satisfaction as anyone who has done a big dollar rebuild without arse raping my bank account. What's more, I have probably added more value to the bike than what I have outlaid when you take into account that these are somewhat collectable and are likely to be more collectable in the future.
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  14. Money comes and goes..........don't stress it.

    The entire bike has been stripped, we have replaced every bolt apart from a few engine block bolts with titanium grade 5 nuts and bolts. The suspension has been completely replaced with Matris race suspension set up for my weight and riding style. Everything on this bike is custom. It is far better than any brand new bike you can purchase today, just wait until it is finished.

    This model bike handles perfectly for me, that's why I have chosen it to rebuild. The dimensions and rake are all perfect for my riding style.

    Buying someone's bike is not an option, this is mine through and through with all the attention to detail and customisation I wanted.
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  15. Craig A - no regrets here
    I didn't post the rebuild for you to begrudge me the $$$$$$$ spent on my passion. My intention was to have those equally passionate appreciate the outcome and be inspired of the rebuild.

    I am not focused on the aesthetics of the bike so much as its performance. The Rizoma gear is functional and practically engineered; all of these products will outlast many of those on standard bikes today.

    Regarding your comment that any bike that is brand new is going to be awesome, I don't agree, have you ridden the BMW??
    No matter what bike you nominate, I would match mine against it any day.
    Apart from cracking open the engine (which is the next stage) all of the internals have been personally attended to, from electronics to nuts and bolts to bearings. There is much more work done to the bike than listed, all contributing to its performance.

    It's more about producing a quick track bike that can also be ridden on the street rather than simply restoring an older model bike.
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  16. Like I said no judgement here Pasta, that's just a whole lotta money to a lotta people. If you can afford it, that's your business. I know it's gonna be damned awesome.
  17. My sentiments exactly.
  18. MOAAARRR pictures please! :D

    I know where you are coming from. Have spent 3 times the value of the car to get it to my liking. People said I was crazy to blow that kind of money, but hell, the experience, the satisfaction and the joy I got out of doing it was well worth the penny.

    Keep it up :).
  19. Subscribed! More pics please, that's a hell of a mod list!
  20. Wow. Keep the pics coming.