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Reason/excuse to own a bike now shot to pieces,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scorpious31, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. After recovering from being unceremoniously dismounted from my bike ,i had my family say "Shaun dont get another one".
    I said I will as going to and from work alone in a car jsut dont seem practical and I used fuel,environment,finances all as excuses to get me another bike hehehe.

    Now what has happend .... I have been given permission to use my company vehicle to take from work to home due to the nature of my workload and start times.

    The minister for war has already asked me will I sell my baby .FArk I only came home witht he van today lol

    I guess I gotta ready myself for ther barrage of "sell sell sell" from the rest of the family ie parents ect

    will I buckle yeah right hahaha ha
  2. Bugger 'em. :)
  3. +1 for loz.

    "my life, my choice, pansies." should suffice
  4. Shaun,
    Stuff em all,
    But instead of saying
    I said I will as going to and from work alone in a car jsut dont seem practical and I used fuel,environment,finances all as excuses to get me another bike hehehe.
    End quote.

    You just need to explain the real reason,
    I love riding bikes.

  5. Aww fark your suposed to have a PRATICAL reason to own a bike :? well thats me fcuked, but i guess it fits rite in with my jetski and semi auto 38cal hand gun on the list of impractical must have boys toys :p
  6. If you need a reason to ride, you've got no business doing it :) .
  7. Buy a hyosung. They will think you're a poof, and leave you in peace.
  8. Ask them in return when they are going to sell their jewelry / houses / pets / children / 4x4's etc as all that is non essential shit too.

    Either that or tell them you're selling the bike and putting the money towards an unreliable single engine aircraft that you have plans of sky diving from.
  9. dude, buy a scooter!

    nobody gets hurt on those things and they look so much more cute than them menacing motorcycles. think about it, you'll never need to "suit up" again.

    i mentioned this before but i can't wait for the, "i told you so!", convo by the folks when i eventually bin it. (ok, IF...)
  10. what size skirt do you wear?????? :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I'm with port. Start walking around the house with a notepad and pen. When asked, "What are you doing?" just say you're making a list of other non-essentials that you're going to advertise when you sell your bike.

    I'm sure they'll be happy to get rid of the clutter! :wink:
  12. wifey, i presume.

    simple: no bike, NO SEX!

    that's right. dangle that carrot and see what happens. :LOL:
  13. I would sit your wife down, and explain the many practical uses of a motorcycle...i would then explain the not so practical reasons(the reason u really ride i hope) and then i would ask her to explain what uses jewellery has...

    Ive got to be honest, jewellery is the most disturbing rip off known to man. If she cant explain the shoes, clothes, jewellery, she no doubt has, then you should walk around with a calculator, and tally there initial purchase cost vs your bike. THEN when your done doing that, explain to her that you can now justify either getting a second bike, or she has to sell half of her shit.
  14. James has nailed it :LOL:

    PLUS, you still need the bike to de-stress from all that driving to and from work in the company car :LOL:.
  15. Ha! Wouldn't work in my house, I've got four kids my Missus would be pleased that I wouldn't bother her.... :shock:
  16. hmmm, can't wait to hear the womenz explain the "practicality" of their jewelery wear. :shock:

    you: "DAMMIT woman! i need the bike to get to work in order to make payments toward that wedding ring i bought you 20yrs ago!"

    her: "ooh, i like red colored bikes." :grin:

  17. Funny stuff.
  18. Just have an accident in a car and proclaim that cars are all death-traps. And thus, as a result, they should all now sell theirs because cars are just too dangerous!
  19. I don't even have kids and my wife would still say that! [​IMG]
  20. much more effective when females say it, she will probably happily go along with that, pulling her trust old vibe andgiving it a polish :LOL: