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Rearview cameras for bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ursus, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. What's wrong with turning your head?

    No thanks.
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  2. There is a helmet on the market which has a built-in rear viewing abilities?

    Reevu Helmet
  3. I looked at one of these a little while ago - purely out of interest.

    The Victory store (of all places) in Melbourne CBD has them in stock.
    Interesting if nothing else - quite a strange first experience which was a bit distracting and un-natural - not sure if you'd get used to it or not.....

    People do swear by them though.....I've even heard of racers tending towards REVU as they feel like they can brake later knowing that the rider behind is not right on top of them......there might be something to that.
  4. I second that.
    Tried it on and the worst distraction was changing the focus from the road to the mirror, it took me like ~1s to adjust the vision to look into the mirror and back.

    Perhaps it just gets time to get used, but for me it was too distracting to be useful.

    As for the rear view camera, never tried but I can imagine it would be somewhat distracting too to look down at the display instead of turning the head.

    That camera tries to compensate for the missing central rear mirror most cars have. But the bike is just built differently so I'm a little sceptical about that.

  5. I'll swing by victory on the way home then. I hear they're having a sale atm. I saw the reevu posted to google+ this week and in thought it was a spectacular product in theory. Didn't think they'd be in Australia though!
  6. I have thought about this for those that like to bling up their bikes as an alternative for mirrors. But I don't think the law would allow them as a alternative to mirrors. Interesting though.
  7. My head doesn't turn backwards 180 degrees. I believe it is the same for most humans.
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  8. it will but only once.
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  9. I imagine the debates in the seventies: "Hey, why do you need the blinkers on the motorcycle? What's wrong with indicating with the hand?"

    Any device that potentially improves the quality of incoming information is potentially useful. The trick is, there is no way to evaluate it except in practice. That's why I asked about experience, not opinions.
  10. But how can you not see everything with a simple headcheck? do you have a broken neck?
  11. Head checking at $1.60 results in broken necks. ;)

    I read somewhere recently that Mercedes had got Euro exemptions to replace wing mirrors with cameras on some new car they are working on. By removing mirrors they decrease wind drag. I guess the same reason they take them off race bikes? A well placed camera screen, coupled with head checks would cover a huge field of vision, at least you'd have more warning before some half blind, junk food eating, mobile phone texting twit drove over top of you at the next set of lights. If you could couple it to a hard drive you could have your last moments replayed at the funeral.

    Sorry long day, need coffee...
  12. mirrors are removed or taped to reduce distraction, glass is tapped to make cleanup of broken glass easier.
  13. new riders always seem to get concerned about lack of rear view... but between head checks and peripheral vision, and the ability to move about in your lane there should be no issue with getting a full 360* view around you.
  14. There are some that would say that if you are concerned with what's behind you then you aren't going fast enough.

    But it's not legal to do $1.60 on the roads in this country......
  15. Nothing is illegal, unless you get caught.... Still hoping to go back to legal loony speeds in the near future in the NT
  16. I have one. Swear by it. Takes a little getting used to at first, but then it's really hard to go back to one without it. I wrote an article up on it here.

    The first photo in the article and on Reevu's website is Phil Czaj racing. He races with one and agrees it gives him an advantage in the corners.
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  17. One complaint i have read is that in certain riding positions all you get is a good view of the sky? if your riding around on a cruiser in an up right position the rear view through the helmet might be perfect....

    what happens when you start leaning over?
  18. Are you looking around when you lean over or what?
  19. I guess that, as with all new technology, there will be people who don't like things to change. This new helmet camera may develop over time into a really workable and rider friendly device ( not meaning it's not already workable ). Anyone who wants to try new things to enhance safety has my support.