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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mvtezza, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for some rearsets for my MV 800 Brutale. Has anybody got any recommendations for a good value for money set.

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  2. Yay for Euro bikes!!!!
  3. It.s a 2013 Brutale. yes tried mvagusta.net. Just wondering if any Aussie made rearsets about
  4. I reckon for the price pf that ebay china sourced rearsets you can't go wrong
  5. Do you really want to skimp out on one of the bits that connects you to the bike and holds sometimes the majority of your body weight? You're bloody game putting Chinese rearsets on... You shelled out for the MV, give her the rearsets she deserves. You wouldn't dress your supermodel girlfriend in a potato sack would you?
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  6. I would enjoy ripping of the potato sack though.....
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  7. Well I hope you enjoy the cheap rearsets ripping off too :p
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  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Ritzoma rearsets are winning at the moment.
  9. well well well, that's an interesting comment to make - I hope your 800 doesn't get wind of that... thinking of a change already?? o_O
  10. Hell no.

    which one would you choose - a cheap 'value for money' mistress or the gorgeous, sexy, insanely beautiful one with the obviously expensive taste
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  11. you had me worried there for a second, I thought your resolve had softened a little.
  12. Unfortunate consequence of having a rare and expensive bike is that no accessories ever come cheap.
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  13. yes and I need your support in also having an overpriced espresso machine so we can lament the ridiculous waste of money that is Italian motorcycles when we could have had Japanese reliability, aftermarket options and bigger resale market...
  14. rare , expensive?
    think i would prefer the potato sake
    super model or no super model
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  15. I went for Rizoma rearsets. Beautiful design, lightweight & far more grip than the standard units.
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  16. We need pics........
  17. 20160815_083801. 20160815_083745. Here are the rearsets 20160815_083745.
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