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rearended today , grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conan, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. well F##K me, i was out at tex's workshop doing some stuff to my bike , got that all done everything is sweet.

    so i ride home to pick up my work boots and head to work , its pissn down rain, i get 2 streets from my house and i get rearended at a roundabout , i was turning right so i was stoped , just about to take off and bam car hits my rear wheel and throws me down to the left, i hit the deck kinda hard but im ok just a bit sore, go to look at my bike for dammage and the gear leaver and the end bit of the footpeg is snaped off , his car is fine. lucky he was driving a commpany car so i can get a qoute to fix my bike and bill his insurrance, so we trade details and i limp the bike back home , man i hate rain

  2. sorry to hear bud.

    out of curiosity...does the Hyo ride any better now? :LOL: :p :wink:
  3. worse hahaha , its hard to change gears now
  4. Same thing has happened to me before. Sorry to hear bro.
  5. Very bad luck. My instructor said that a good % of motorcyclist deaths are caused from this exact scenario. At least your alright :shock:
  6. Ah bugger, hope the repairs go well and that you're ok.

    Ya I've heard this alot and read it in statistics. Hence why lane splitting between cars is a wise idea.
  7. kinda hard to lane split when your stoped at a roundabout tho
  8. Or at most other times too; people who say you see it coming and accelerate away to avoid it can only do it on a PlayStation and have never had it happen to them in real life :roll:.

    Sorry to hear that, mate, but at least you got hit by an insured vehicle, eh?
  9. Oh yes of course duh, can't do it at a roundabout, wasn't referring to your unfortunate situation conan, just talking about the statistics.
  10. Dam man not again. You're just not having any luck with your bike are u? Lets hope the repairs go quicker than last time.
  11. Bad luck!

    Since the impact was enough to knock you off your bike, get it checked for straightness!
  12. hence im geting it quoted on monday
  13. {insert obligatory buttsecks joke here}
  14. And go see a Doctor and Get your spine checked for streightness, While you are at it make a police report.
    Sometimes it takes a couple of days for minor back injuries to show up, and they can cause you grief for extended time, so you want to make sure it is documented, so that if you are unlucky it can be at there expence and not yours.
  15. I love my Hyosung - you just pay no attention to those others, obviously jelous. Probably a jelous Harley Rider that knocked you off on purpose. :)

    Hope you are both back 100% soon.
  16. hahaha , im not worryed about what other people think hey, i like my bike and thats all that matters, i just want to have a clean run with it and not have people in cars trying not to kill me
  17. ^^ Badluck dude,

    Hope your bike gets fixed and you can go for a ride-

    Oh and + 1 with the health check - go get yourself checked out as stuff (injuries) does show up much later
  18. HA,Ha,Ha,Ha..........he cracks jokes too.......... :grin:
    "Wot F*@!*ing planet are you on mate, :wink: it aint gointa happen, they are out ta get ya" :p
  19. yeah i know, shame thats how it works tho
  20. Sorry to hear mate ,glad your ok . :)

    Next time ,give me a call and I'll run it over with my truck.
    We know your trying to wright it off, so you can get a GSXF. :wink: