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Featured Rear wheel stand for xvs650?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Darrin Hodges, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Whats the best option for xvs650? I brought a stand of Ebay buts its not suitable as the exhaust side of the rear wheel axle nut has a thick ridge below it preventing the lift-fork from getting to it properly. I've seen mention of swingarm spools but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to attach them on the xvs650... any ideas?

  2. Hydraulic lift bench thingy?
  3. That should do the trick!
  4. +1 for the bike lift.
    Cruisers won't take axle stands, and most sports bike won't take a lift platform.

    FWIW, You can use a jack with a block of wood, but it's better on a full lift.
    If you watch the auto catalogues you can often get them for around $100.
  5. Just lean forward over the tank, get it up to 100, and grab a handful of front brake.
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  6. Check the width of those lifter bars, many lifters are not wide enough to bridge the cruiser under frame.
  7. Husband bought a lift the same rating as the one in the link, first lift with my Vstar at full height sheared one of the main pivot bolt heads clean off. Gently lowered the bike back down, returned the lift to the place of purchase for a refund. He now uses the wooden block method.
    No fun having the Vstar about to pounce on top of the Harley.
  8. Ok, settled on this scissor lift $80 + postage.

  9. How is it?

    I need a lift for my xvs.
  10. Seems ok, lets me get the bike in a level position, a hydraulic one would be nicer but this one does the job for me.
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  11. You could also look at one of these

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  12. Looks interesting but I have no idea how it is supposed to work.
  13. You and me both.. i think you use the handle as a big lever and it lifts the bike..
  14. I imagine the long handle starts off upright and you push it down to lift.