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Rear wheel squeak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by djay, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys!

    I've noticed that my rear wheel area (GPX250) is squeaking somewhere. I can hear it if I have it on the centre stand and slowely spin the wheel. It does not seem to do it when the wheel is moving fast.

    I don't think it's the brakes.

    Are there some things I should look for to determine what it is? I'm assuming whatever it is is not dangerous and it's still OK to ride while I figure it out...
  2. wheel bearings? surely its not the chain?
  3. If it was the wheel bearings squeaking, would I need them replaced? Is it unsafe to continue riding with them?
  4. There's no play in the wheel so that's good news.

    How long would it take a mechanic to replace the bearings?
  5. i would say thy need replacing. there could be many reasons for a bearing speaking but generally there's never an acceptable bearing problem.

    easiest way to eliminate brakes is to remove the rear caliper (usually 2 bolts, but sometimes hard to access) and spin the wheel. if it still squeaks it's a bearing. if you need to replace one bearing, do all 3 (2 in the wheel, one in the sprocket carrier)
    replacing them is easy if you have a few functioning brain cells and some tools, but i caution you to be careful setting the new bearings, doing a poor job can stuff them straight away

    whether it's safe or not is luck of the draw. i wouldn't go on any tours (or even day trips) but it should be fine for toddling to get some milk (or new bearings)
  6. I doubt it's wheel bearings. They tend to just squeal more at speed. Could be brake pads seating a little or maybe a cushdrive rubber moving about.

    Can you ride down your road slowly without a helmet?
  7. if your chain too loose or too tight?

    how long since you've lubed your chain? is your chain clean?
  8. Is it also squeekn when you use the rear brake?