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Rear Wheel Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. I recently brought my first motorcycle a CBR 250 RR and have had limited oppertunities to ride it of late because of the rain but i did take it out all day yesterday and today.

    The problem i have is the real wheel/tyre feels like it is moving from side to side slightly (Worse when it's windy....I think!) even when i'm going down a straight road and i was just wondering if this in normal or not.
    I don't think the tyre is worn because it just passed a roadworthy and it looks ok.

    One thought i had is that it could be the rear suspension because the guy i brought it off was a big guy 80+kg and i'm a lightweight at 60-65kg. Would i be right in thinking this and if so how do i adjust it.

  2. I can't advise you on how to adjust the rear suspension (or even if it is adjustable at all) but it sounds a bit like the rear tyre might be worn oddly. It may very well have passed roadworthy, but if it's unevenly worn, that can sometimes manifest itself in some strange behaviour.

    Can I also suggest that you check the steering head bearings as this can affect straightline stability too.
  3. I'd be more likely looking at the rear axle, especially the spacers between the swing arm and the wheel centre........?
  4. what hornet said :shock:

    get that rear end off the ground and see if the thing is wobbling side to side at all, and dont ride it again until you've worked that out. if its not wobbling, then you've possibly got a buckled wheel or bad tyre, none of this is healthy and should be fixed before you do any riding.

    unfortunately, a roadworthy doesn't check these sorts of things (or at least not that i've ever seen). they dont ride the bike so as long as theres nothing obvious, it'll pass. i've just had my ZX7R passed with a warped disc, the disc was oversize so they just pass it. so yeah, roadworthy doesn't necissarily mean safe.

    if you cant work it out, get it to a mechanic. you cant afford to stuff around with wheels/tyres, they're what keeps your body off the black stuff, look after them :wink:
  5. Check tyre pressure?
  6. :oops: or do that

    jeebuz, trust me to think of the most drastic thing first :roll: :LOL:
  7. Tyre pressure indeed. Low pressure would give the feeling you describe. Check the rear wheel is properly aligned too.

    And what do you mean you haven't been able to ride it because it's raining? Piss weak! :LOL:
  8. Thanks fellas, i'll look into the things you've mentioned.
    I'm probobally going to book it in at Mick Hone for it's 1st service this week so i'll get them to look at it if i haven't figured out the problem by then.

    Gimmie a break :D , i've only had 7 days of actual riding experience since i got my bike and my 1st ride with wet roads was on saturday up the mountian hwy & that freaked me out a bit :oops: , i'd hate to see myself when it actually raining.
  9. yeah, mate don't worrry about the hard men round here, ya gotta start somewhere, and they're nowhere near as tough as they make out :D
    Won't be too long before you'll be out thers dusting them off in the wet, take your time and learn at your own pace!! :LOL:
  10. Hehe. The worst thing when it's raining is the cagers who 'forget' it's raining. While you're riding to the conditions, they are NOT. That's the most dangerous thing about wet roads, IMO.
  11. Pull the rear wheel up towards the seat. you will need a mate or 2 to hold the bike. If there is any freeplay (not shock compression) then some or all of the linkage bushes are worn.

    Do the side to side thing too, as mentioned above.

    Also make sure you are not getting oil from the chain on the rear tyre. Overoiling can do this.

    And tire pressure as mentioned. Bike tyres tend to look well pumped when you are off the bike, but can be quite low in pressure.
  12. ANOTHER thought; check the swing arm bushes!
  13. What pressure should the tyres be?, it's got Dunlop Arrowmax gt501's on it i looked on the dunlop website but couldn't find anything. I was thinking 31-32 front, 32-33 rear?.

    The best i can describe the feeling is it's sort of like the rear wheel is twitching/sliding slightly to the left or right (only feels like an inch - inch 1/2 each side), it doesn't happen all the time and the only times i've noticed it is when i'm cruising on a straight road, i've never noticed it happening in a corner.
    It's hard to give a really accurate description of what it feels like because i haven't been riding long and there's nothing to compare it to.

    Thanks for all the replies, i'll try all the things you suggested.

  14. Depends on what you prefer the bike to feel like... but i run Front 32-34 & Rear 34-37. Also, make sure you go buy a decent tyre gauge and use it on a regular basis; don't trust those ones at servo's!