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Rear wheel lock u-turn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kernel, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone tried doing a rapid u-turn while at speed by locking the rear wheel and spinning the bike around (similar to a hand brake turn in a car)? Anybody mastered the technique? Any tips on how not to drop the bike and injure myself? I would like to learn how to do this, mostly to be a show off to my mates but also a good getaway technique should the need ever arise.

  2. I could do it on my Bonnie,
    The foot brake was on the left side, Which made it a lot easier,

    I also used to slide the bike in sideways and at the last moment, just stood it up and stepped off, Kicking the side stand down at the same time,
    Looked bloody impressive,

    Its one of the methods used to train coppers on bikes,
    Pop a wheelie while travelling forward, and while the front is in the air, pull it around and take off in the opposite direction,

    Make sure your a rider of some experience before you try it, It will bend your bike if you dont get it right,
    Which also looks impressive to the bystanders, Hhhahahahahahahaha
  3. oh yeah i do it all the time.

    it's really as simple as it sounds, try it next time in peak hour traffic if you can, and make sure there's some gravel on the road (it helps the tyres to grip) and also make sure your tyres are almost worn out (those big holes = less grip remember, so make sure the tyres are as worn down as possible).

    let us know how it goes!
  4. oh yeah for sure, nothing to it.
    just try it and get back to us.
  5. Probably not the best idea, but if your going to give it a go, start slowish and work the speed up, give your self plenty of room and be careful backing of the brake too early...
  6. Practice on a dirt bike. Main point is looking back to where you want to go.
  7. It was something I used to try a bit when I was 17. I found it doable on small bikes, with a success rate of about 50%. On bigger bikes, that dropped to about 10 ~ 20%. That was mostly done on lawn, like a park or friend's front yard. It does look and feel awesome when you land one, but mostly you just fall down, and the wear and tear gets a bit expensive after a while.

    Given how much they cost to fix, and how much damage you can do when they just fall gently on their side, it isn't something I kept trying to do.
  8. Troll methinks. Can't imagine anyone trying to do that, as a serious way to escape the cops! LOL.
    Although a good stunt rider might pull it off. Hit front hard, get the back spinning up very high, slow right down and at about walking pace, pivot around the front wheel, release front brake and head back in the opposite direction.

    Nevetheless - Stupid question!
  9. Did it on the Bmx all the time. :)

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  10. Sometimes it's a necessity on the postie bike. You know riding along the footpath singing a song and you forget to stop to put the mail in the boxes.
  11. Bretto - do you also scrape the mailbags on corners?
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  13. How big is the bike? Food for thought: It's easier to get the back wheel to step out further under throttle than braking.
  14. Ha nah. Usually ride with daffy feet as the crash bars scrape not long after the pegs. Not good when they touch down.
    Have been known to lose a bundle of mail out of them though. :)
  15. rear wheel lock u turns are easy.
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    That is BLOODY awesome. Oh god xD :D:D:D:D My favorite part is when he jumps off, that's probably the most appropriate part to this thread.
    Bike is moderate sized, DR650.
    10-20% success rate ON THE LAWN??? Damn... well looks like this is not something I'm going to try to do, seems to be a better method of making it easier for the cops to catch me by falling off than making it harder for them to keep up. Maybe when I have like 2-3 years of experience I will find someone who is an instructor for the cops and get them to teach me how to do that front wheel in the air spin thing. Then the poor bastards are going to look for someone who is a cop biker :demon:
  17. Share the details when you find one, maybe we can start a school
  18. On a DR650 - look for places that can be negotiated by a big trailbike, but not a car, or a roadbike. For example, look for long narrow flights of steps...

    For example, Jacob's Ladder in Brisbane, and Butler's stairs, Hills Stairs, and several others in Sydney. Investigate your local walkways, bicycle paths, footpaths, easements... Is there a block of flats in your area that you can ride into, go up a flight of steps and ride out of on another street?
  19. LMFAO (y) Nice one Holly!
  20. Doesn't work so well with ABS :/