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rear vision?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Shimmy, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi, been riding on my L's for about a week now and have been practicing every day. One problem I find is that I have no view of what's directly behind me. I've tried re-arranging the mirrors but that just means I can't see whats in the adjacent lanes.

    Is there like a special mirror add-on that I can add to be able to get some sort of rear vision? Do experienced riders just ride without knowing what is directly behind them?

    edit: I'm riding a VTR250. Maybe the mirrors on them just suck?
  2. ALL bike mirrors suck. :D

    Best you can do is try and find the balance between seeing behind you and lanes beside, and learn to use headchecks to keep track of who's going where alongside you.
  3. I have my right mirror set up so my right arm is in my field of view, then i can tuck my arm in whenever i need to look at whats in my lane behind me without sacrificing the view or your right lane.
  4. I generally move forward and over a little when looking into my rear vision mirrors to get as much field of view as I can. Also if in traffic, Im often swivelling my head around making sure I dont miss anything the mirrors arent picking up. You cant be too careful.....
  5. Do a search on google for after market mirrors for u'r bike...
    I don't no how good they are but u can get curved mirrors that allow u to see beside and behind u.... The ones I have looked at getting are in the shape of a bullit head and sit flush on ya fairing.
    Like I said I have not tried them yet but they look good and I have had a few people say they are pretty good...
  6. Funny you should bring this up; I was only just discussing this on Tuesday. I too am a newbie and rode my VTR for the best part of 6 months without really being able to see directly behind me. It freaked me out a bit. The problem was that I set the mirrors like car side mirrors - so they only just caught the edge of my elbows. I figured it provided the most unobstructed view of the road. Wrong. Angle your mirrors in so they take in most of your arm. Then they will be at the correct angle to see the road behind - as you ease yourself across the bike opening up the view directly behind. Believe me it works well and I am surprised it isn't explained at the learners course. No need for mirror extenders.
  7. Get one of those round blind spot mirror thingy's that you stick to your mirror. Everything in it looks tiny but once you get used to it, it definitely does the trick.
  8. This :)
  9. I set my mirrors so I just see the edge of my arm on the right so I have a good view of that lane for overtaking and have a bit more arm in the left so I can move it and see more behind.
  10. Just add more mirrors :)
  11. he missed a (blind) spot :)

    Will try the arm suggestion when I go out later tonight, thanks for the tips.
  12. I'm on a VTR at the moment, have a play with the mirrors, but I'm finding nothing beats the trusty head check.
  13. Good point MrBling, as the saying goes, "Mirrors for No, Head check for Go"
  14. That's how I have my mirrors set up as well. Don't over do it though. You want it so a quick shift of the arm will allow you to see whats behind you, but you also want to see whats behind you in the adjacent lane. If your arm occupies the majority of the mirror, you should review your setup (after all, whats the point of a quick mirror check if all you see is your own arm?). But as MrBling said, nothing beats a headcheck - the mirrors are just there as a handy early warning device.
  15. Oh i always head check, but its nice to see whats coming up behind, and i dont know about you guys but my head doesnt turn round far enough to look backwards.
  16. omg shimmy, that was the same problem i am having :p i just put it to my being wider than most guys :p

    looks like its not just me...
  17. lol infinity, you arent the only one... but i can still do it just fine :).
  18. like paul said, get yourself 2 of these

  19. well the pull the arm in technique seemed to do the trick, still not super clear what's behind me but at least it gives me a general idea. I think I'm just too used to the rear view mirror in the car and the full view it gives me.

    well I'm 6'0 and weight 65 kg's so somehow I don't think that's the problem :)
  20. shit bloke, get some meat into ya :)