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Rear-view Helmet?!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lectre, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I think this would be a great idea (if it works as advertised)


    can't wait to see some in the shop!
  2. i would get one :LOL:
  3. Count me in, thats a great idea! I too have the problem of vibrating mirrors at higher speeds... doesn't really bother me too much apart from I'd like to know if thats a police cruiser checking me out from behind :wink:

    All I do is pull in the clutch if I want a quick clear view behind me and it kills off the vibration for a little bit.

    For sure though I'd get one of those helmets :LOL:
  4. That is awesome, I totally would get one. :grin:
  5. Great idea. Would buy one. but would have to see it in the flesh first.
  6. Funky!

    Hate to think what the price tag will be
  7. This came up some time ago and back then i emailed them in England and they responded very swiftly but unfortunately they said that the lid was still being tested to comply with OZ standards and at that stage they said they had no idea when it would get to OZ stores if at all.
  8. www.reevu.com

    +1 wot duffman said... two emails, two similar responses.

    I'm a keen potential buyer!
  9. I hope these hit the shops soon, I can see these saving lots of lives, not to mention rider awareness of cars in blind spots.
  10. I saw these on Beyond Tomorrow a few months back. I too am keen to try one on for size.
  11. This was the response l got from them back in May

    "Due to the huge demand created here in Europe, we do not have distribution in Australia yet. We are speaking to a distributor now and they are going to test for the Australian Standard Ansi 1698. We will then be able to introduce the helmets into the market.

    They retail for around 399 Euros in Europe, but due to local taxes etc, we do not know the exact cost in AU dollars yet.

    I can tell you that also there is to be an online solution in the coming months when the helmets have full certification. We have a mailing list for this and also to keep you updated of when the helmets are available in your country."

  12. Yeah, certainly gives new meaning to 'having eyes in the back of your head'

    -snort snort-

    Yeah ok, bad joke :oops:
  13. Hmmm...
    399 euros = $672, plus gst
  14. Looks awesome. Is it a mirror system or camera or what?
  15. Yeah well, that's still not completely outrageous - you can pay more for an Arai or some such, and the odds are you're really paying for a label. WIth this one at least you're getting something really different and potentially really useful. I'd be definitely interested, even at that price.
  16. i'd say we'll prob be lookin at $800?? i just hope for the money you don't get a minimum standard helmet... like i know ASs are there so no helmet is a crap helmet but still, hopefully it doesn't come in 3 colours of pig ugly with no ventilation
  17. Looks good, I would definitly get one if they came out here.