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Rear View Camera

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Peterstryz, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Has anybody ever thought of or installed a rearward facing camera (something like a car's reversing camera but one which is always on)?

  2. Why would you need one? you think you might reverse into a small child like 4WD's.
  3. Only if the 4WD was going 110kms and hour and I was going less than that.

    I dont really care how fast the child is going unless its inside the 4WD.

    My bad joke was worse than yours.
  4. yep been done in an overly modded up cbr 250 show bike i saw on the net.
    what a fcukin waste
  5. lot better vision then most mirrors alow, would be great for picking your way through traffic.... down side is the screens are not water proof so have a very limited life on a bike
  6. There's also a legal issue. The ADRs require mirrors. Now, some States are sympathetic to rear-view cameras and are prepared to judge them on their merits as equivalent to mirrors when they are operating (I was involved in this question in WA not so very long ago).

    However, under the law, a vehicle on a road must continue to comply with the local Vehicle Standards Regulations (most of which require continuing compliance with the ADRs) at all times (even when parked).

    Unless your camera system is operating full time (which will drain your battery) or you've got auxiliary ADR compliant mirrors (which, presumably, you're trying to get away from), the bike won't, technically, comply when parked and switched off.

    There are not, currently, any loopholes that will allow any other workable interpretation and so, in WA at least, you won't get official approval without auxiliary mirrors that come into use when the bike is switched off.

    This may change as the big manufacturers start fitting cameras more routinely and the laws are adjusted to suit. However, at this stage, any such changes are a long way down the legislators' priority list.

    That said, if you fit such a system and don't draw the attention of the constabulary, I don't see why you couldn't get away with it. Your insurance company might get rather sniffy if you have an accident that could be attributed to an inadequate rear view though.
  7. the super squalo has one. i don't know whether it has mirrors as well though, the images are kind of inconclusive. anyway it seems to be there purely for boasting rights.

    i wonder what they're like in strong sunlight. might be hard to see
  8. It would be rather like the Citadis class trams here in melbourne. They have no mirrors, and just have four cameras, one at each corner (both ends can be used to drive the tram), and two LCD screens in the driving cabin to monitor them.

    It's strange to get used to.
  9. I have seen a streetfighter in my area with a mirror smaller than a woman's vanity strapped to his handlebar,

    there also plenty of custom cars that have ridiculously small mirrors that you can't see sh!t out of.

    so you could probably take the stock mirror out and stick one on from a birdcage
    then run your screen set up
  10. Wasn't there some sort of helmet cam setup, that projected the image onto the upper section of your visor, along with speedo/tacho data too.
  11. I thought about this the other day. I think it would be a great idea, a 5 inch screen mounted centrally above the instruments and a wide angle lens behind the seat. No mirrors to clip when splitting or filtering and done properly it could give a better view than mirrors. Set it up so the screen can be detached easily.
    My only worry is that someone would connect the a button on each grip and start playing games. I've seen cage drivers text and talk on a mobile or read a book while they are driving in traffic (we've all seen it!).
  12. Good for perving on the blonde in the cage behind you?? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. WTF would you need a reverse camera on a bike for? Most riders that I know of have a built in reverse camera. Its called a neck. Simply twist and focus and bobs your uncle. Oh, its in 3D too!
  14. I don't think the idea is that it is used as a reversing camera but used as a rear view mirror with the best seat in the house! Personally I think it is a great idea, the mirrors on my bike are shite (the car industry learnt that round mirrors were crap back in the early 80's, why haven't bike manufacturers??!), if there was a small screen above my dash with a constant rear view then I could set my mirrors to cover the blind spots.

  15. A rear camera would be good if you also connected it to a small solid-state recorder - for collecting video evidence of drivers tailgating you (though whether the cops would actually do anything about it is questionable).
  16. yep wouldn't mind one on the R6 cause ya cant see a fvcken thing out the mirrors.LOL.......no really. :LOL:
  17. :rofl: LMFAO
  18. re camaras

    ok guys i use to work fitting up these things and u will find all camaras are waterproof these days i have one in my car for sales reasons and yes i have it on when ever the engine is running if u were to set one up to your bike they will work when on if u choose to set them up so they on all the time i have also found they dont draw much powere from the batt as for screen sizes well the start from 2 in to 6 inche screens as i have found the biger the screen the better it looks for you so u can see it lol on the other hand there with sun glair un less u cove it in so as much of sun doesnt get any where near the lense they work great
    BUT THE DOWN FALL when u have early morning sun behind u or late afternoon sun u will not see shit all u see is a bright light screen so hope this all helps u all out

    lay down that rubber road to freedom lol (mad max night stalker )
  19. jedda - the cameras are waterproof but it is hard to find a small compact waterproof screen, obviously needed on a bike.