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Rear Tyre Size for 96 cbr600f3

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chickibabe, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hi guy's

    Well I'm in the process of buying new tyres for my bike, while having all the suspension set up on it. And it was pointed out to me that the tyres are really old (DOT 2401), (Nothing against you kevin :grin:)

    Anyway they are:

    Front: 120/60zr17
    Rear: 180/55 zr17

    Now with doing some research on tyres, they do not recommend putting that size tyre on rear.

    What would you recommend, keep with the 180 or 170 or go back to standard of 160?

    Cheers Lou
  2. Hey Lou Lou,
    Check out the cbrworld.net forum, then the bike specific part for f2/f3. I just had a quick look and there are a few tyre discussions in there.
  3. BTW, use 'tire' in the search, bloody americans...
  4. 120/70/zr17 and 170/60/zr17 seems to be a common recommendation on that forum. Seems quite different to what you have and your tyres from mid 2001 may be quite bad, they say 5 years max. :shock:
  5. Thanks for that Karl, yep been to all cbr sites, well in usa/uk

    Cheers Lou

    Mods: if this is in the wrong area please move.
  6. Use what it says in the owners book or the tyre manufacturer's chart. Honda spend millions hiring some of the smartest people in the world to design bikes that work properly, you'd need a damn good reason and a noticeably modified bike to get a result that good from any other size tyres.
  7. Go with what Honda recommend, and put some Road2's on it if the rear is available in that size, they will serve you well
  8. Depending on how much commuting you're doing I agree with Tweet. I'm getting Road 2's on this week - I'll be keen to see how they go.
  9. My Road 2's are awesome. I have 7000K's on them since I replaced my first set at 9000k's. They do not even look half worn yet.
  10. i had a 150, 160 and 170 on my f2 at different times. i think the 160 was the best for decent handling. the 170 got a bit close to the chain but it felt ok. the 150 was a dual sport tyre and lasted ages but it was skinny as. surprising it wasn't that skittish but it was a very squarish tyre. i'm amazed you got a 180 to fit on there safely.
  11. Well just got back from having tyres put on.

    Have gone back to recommended tyres 120/60 front, 160/60 rear in the Pilot Road 2.
    These must be popular as almost every shop was out of them so I had two different shops for front and rear. And they cost me $511 fitted.

    N*A*M: with your remark about fitting a 180 on it, these tyre where on the bike when I brought in Oct 07. And it wasn't scraping anywhere, so I didn't even notice the size until I had to look for new ones. :oops:

    I can say one thing, I have learnt alot about tyres over the last couple of days :LOL: :oops:

    Thanks for the advise guys.

    Now i have round tyres not square ones :LOL: and I hope to keep them that way. :grin:

    I might be able to corner again, without going as white as a ghost. Well I'm hoping :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  12. Good to hear...
    Give it 100-200km to scrub the tyres in, and I'm sure you'll be overjoyed!