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Rear tyre, repair or replace?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Pugsly, May 9, 2014.

  1. I've done about 12,000kms on my Dunlop Sportmax D222's They're the OEM tyre, and I really can't fault them for my riding.

    As I pulled into the garage, and turned off the bike I heard a loud hissing. On rotating the rear wheel I saw a small bit of steel poking out. I dug it out and it was this.


    A nice thin flat hole. :(

    So I took a close look at the wear bars on the tyre, and it's starting to get down.


    This is my first set of tyres and first puncture.

    My question to you gentle reader, given the tyre wear, should I be replacing anyway, or is it worth fixing for now?
  2. Depends how skint you are. I've fixed tyres which were on the legal limit because I simply couldn't afford even a secondhand replacement and eat for the next week. It's nice not to have to though.

    Given reasonable cash flow, I'd probably replace at this point, from what I can see.
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  3. Without seeing it, I'd be plugging it using the sticky rope type repair and check it for leaks occasionally, if done properly it will last. I repaired my first puncture and rode as I normally would and it was fine for a few thousand more kays until it was time to replace the tyre.
  4. Hard to say, but based on those pics, on your bike, I'd repair it.
  5. Repair - if you have done 12,000km and still have a 1-2mm tread left you will probably get another few thousand km's.
  6. Thanks guys. 3 for repair, 1 for replace.
  7. How do you get 12,000 out of a tyre? and still have that much tread left........

    Front tyre 3,000

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  8. Most of those kms are commuting on the Monash. I guess the centre compound of the Dunlops is fairly hard.

    It's getting repaired.
  9. If any of the steel wires have been cut (which is likely), the structural integrity of the tyre has been slightly compromised, and it should be replaced. That being said, I had a tyre with 90% tread still on it (somewhat less than 1000km on the tyre) that had a puncture bad enough to cut a few wires. I got @MMMTS@MMMTS to repair it, and I put it away as a spare, and put on a new tyre. Now that I have two rear wheels (one for commuting, one for track and serious road play), the repaired tyre is on the commuting rim.

    I do have to agree with @bretto61@bretto61: how the hell do you get 12,000km out of a tyre? Let alone still having that amount of tread on it... AND being a rear tyre... I'm pretty easy on the throttle, and I don't seem to be able to get more than about 6,000km out of a rear tyre before it's illegal...
  10. I've asked @MMMTS@MMMTS to repair mine as well. I'd do it if stuck on the side of the road, but I'd rather a professional do it if I can.

    How? Well crap, I dunno. I've only been riding for 12 months, so the first 6 were probably quite light, the following 6 somewhat harder. No track days, a few weekend rides in the hills, but mostly 80-100km on the Monash.

    I just went to check the odometer to make sure I wasn't lying. 11,760km..

    Maybe these Dunlops are particularly hard... Maybe I ride like a pussy. I've no idea. @Chillidog@Chillidog, you've been on a few rides with me - do I ride like a pussy?
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  11. I ride like a pussy. If I rode harder, I'd get even less out of my tyres! ;)
  12. lol Mine's off a postie bike. How hard can you push 8hp? The crash bars stop me from getting right ova.
    Sucks tho, cause I finally grind them into a profile I like... and they run out of rubber
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  13. If the air is still inside and you have tread then it is fine.
    Otherwise just replace it.

  14. I wouldn't pay much attention to "how do you get 12,000km out of a tyre... i only get 3,000" etc. people are comparing apples and oranges.
  15. The bit where he said it was hissing was a dead-give-away. ;) (y)

    I can't get 12,000km on either apples or oranges. ;)
  16. If you've never plugged a tyre before, do it for the learning experience IMO. Better than trying it for the first time out on the lonesome highway coming up to dark.
    Then save up for the replacement as fast as you can. If it doesn't work you've lost nothing.
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  17. Fark... Tough crowd!

    It's a LAMS bike used mainly for commuting....on the freeway which tells me there is not a lot of stopping or heavy accelerating.
  18. Actually, I wasn't being completely honest. I keep wear down on the front by riding to work almost completely on the back wheel, front wheel up in the air. One the way home, stoppies as much as possible to keep the wear down on the rear.
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  19. Awesome!! Just what @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg is looking for at sunday's photo shoot.
  20. I think Uncle Greg is looking for MILFs for his photoshoot on Sunday.
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