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rear tyre for virago

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by countrycruiser V6, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. G'day all you virago riders out there. my question it this: what breed of tyre do you have on the back end of your virago? I currently have a cheng shin which is nearly worn out and i wish to replace it with something more durable as i've only done 10,500kms on the thing. I also have discovered that because most of the roads i travel are straight, its worn in the centre but not much has worn on the outsides. there are not many tyres to choose from that actually fit. I've been told about the bridgestone g508 and the dunlop d404, currently leaning towards the dunlop.
    please share your thoughts and if you know of any other brand that will fit and is better all info would be appreciated. tyre size is130/90-15.

  2. howdy V6 :grin:

    I have a dunlop 130/90 HR15 D627 on my rear.
    This is what was on the bike when I bought it a year ago, so when time came to replace it I asked around at a few dealers about what would suit and was told that the dunlops are the best option and are what the bike comes out with brand new. I paid $130 for the tyre from Bob Jane here in Nth Melbourne. I did 19,000kms on the first tyre ( but it was on the bike when I bought it so I don't know how many had already been done before that) and I have done 16,000 on this one so far.
  3. thanks Caz, interesting bit of info, altho I bought my bike new and it had the cheng shins on it.
  4. just checked out dunlops webpage, no 627 must have been replaced with the 404. around the $124 mark I've been quoted. By what your saying Caz sounds like the ideal tyre to go with.
  5. I asked a similar question in a post a few days ago.

    Had to do my own home work, and I got told bridgeys G508's and Dunlop D404's are the current options.

    I understand Michellins have a cruiser style tyre on the books, but no one seems to know much about it.

    Anyways, fitted the D404 and the bike rides sweet as. Corners like a charm now.

    Dimi V5 is going to have some fun!

  6. thanks I've been leaning towards that one, sounds the best and looks a nice tyre.