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Rear tyre advice

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by frankl, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I am new to the road bike scene and needing some advice.
    My rear tyre looks like it's had it. It didnt look like this 2 days ago. I only noticed it tonight when I stopped to refuel. Can anyone explain why/how this happens? Also, needing recommendations on what tyre to get next.
    My bike is a 2009 Triumph Street Triple R. Rear tyre size is 180/55 ZR 17. I do 120km a day and all fwy.


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  2. What is the OEM tyre? What's on the front? How many k's have you done on it? If they're the Dunlop Qualifiers and you've done a bit of distance it might just be shagged - they are pretty soft 'sport' rubber. Do you only commute or use it for fun on the weekends as well?

    If that's as square as it looks like it might be, you'll probably want to go for something with dual compound - so the centre wears slower but you still get some grip on the sides.

    I can personally recommend the Michelin Pilot Road 2s, but tyre opinions are like oil opinions are like chain maintenance opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one.
  3. Looks pretty square to me, and if you're doing highway 120km a day its bound to square off.
    Dual compound tyres are the way to go for you mate, the 2CT's are good tyres for that as mentioned above, but like he also said every has an opinon and they are like underpants, everyone likes their own.
    Personally I run continental tyres and I cop shit from people all the time, but when they pass me thats when I start listening.

    Read up about the continential tyres, they're good stuff. Should be since they stole all the tyre engineers from Pirelli and metzler about 3 years ago.
    Totally different construction, no belts in the tyres, but are still hard in the centre and soft on the outside. It's interesting. Read up!

    Good luck :)
  4. thanks for the reply guys.
    i decided on a Bridgestone BT-016. its dual compound.
    the tyre currently on the bike is a dunlop qualifier. it has almost 8k on it. I am told thats good wear but what freaked me out is on Sunday the tyre looked fine as I spun it around waxing the chain. within 2 days and really hot weather.. it was ruined.
    anyway, new tyre $330 + fitting. I didnt bother shopping around as I am taking it to the same place I bought my dirt bike. Happy with the service... happy to pay whatever.