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Rear tire squirm when accelerating hard through corners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ballsy Mgee, May 28, 2012.

  1. I'm still very much a beginner and wish to pick the brains of some more experienced riders.

    Sometimes when accelerating hard(ish) through a corner the rear wheel squirms side to side a bit. I ride a cb400 with the suspension preloads set to normal, i'm 77kg. I check the tyre pressures often. Tyres are Dunlop sportmax II.

    Is this normal for a standard sort of bike? Is it down the quality of tyres? Am I doing something wrong or can something be adjusted to minimize this? It's not noticeable when cruising and when it does occur its manageable because I don't push it super hard, but as a novice i'd like to learn as much as I can.
  2. Suckish tyres (note the 'y' in my correct spelling) - had them and buggered them off. Strongly dislike them. Got the bridgestone BT023 which is far superior.
  3. happens turning both ways?
    how smoothly do you roll on?
  4. You should stick too giving spelling advice--why ?
    You're better at it.
    You ride a 400.
    You arn't qualified for much else.

    STOP IT.
  5. Good to see you are back, Blabber.

    I see you have vague hacks at being a troll. But then again, you are a hack yourself. You must be one of those old fogies, new to the internet. Must be time for the Ulysses -wait last I heard, you are already there - 'road captain' or something like that.
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  6. Incorrect grammar, 'which are far superior'

    Yeah I have heard the Dunlops are pretty crap. But they've still got 5,000 km in them so I'll wait a bit before upgrading.
  7. Touché.

    Then you are going to get the same crappiness out of them for 5000km. Hated them, wouldn't touch them again.
  8. Yes it happens both ways. I try to roll on fairly smoothly.
  9. Try a bit less on the go button,

    Dunlops are crap. They slip,
  10. Does it happen.... every time?

    If not.. Perhaps have a read of "Twist of the Wrist 2".

    (Caviat.. I'm a noob and know SFA).

  11. hehehe-every time
  12. what deadman said. shouldn't be accelerating hard with it leaned over. thought about doing a course? (anything we say here could be dangerous)
  13. A cb400 won't accelerate hard leaned over or otherwise. Blabbus is right on the money. It certainly wont accelerate anywhere near as quickly as a zx6r.

    It's possible the tyres are really crap, or it could be a suspension issue.
  14. My 10c, it sounds like you are tensing up on the bars.. Its important to keep your arms nice a relaxed through the corner and not grip onto the bars to hard. If you are tensing up the susspension cannot work properly and the bike will make very small rear to front movements which unsettles the rear tire and gives you the feeling like it is spinning up or stepping out as get on the gas exiting the corner. As an exersize you should be able to flap your arms like chicken wings if you a loose enough (as silly as it sounds), try doing (little) chicken wings just before entering to see if you are loose enough, then remember to stay relaxed as you come back on the gas...
  15. If the bike has adjustable rear shock (which I suspect it won't), you can try increasing the rebound a bit. I've got dunlops on my r1 and im so scared of the lack of sidewall grip. I've lost both ends a number of times while asking little of it :/
  16. Has 5 preload settings, so not adjustable much. However, your experience is much the same as the dunlops on the cb400 - through corners they just don't grip. Under any sort of hardish acceleration they just didn't feel stable.
  17. From my experience, this would cause the front to push wide, not the rear. Sounds like too much gas, too early on average tyres.
  18. Are you putting the power on too soon and too quickly through turns. Are the tyres cold?
    Personally I never ride with Dunlops. Maybe a cheaper option to try different approaches with your handling than splash out on new rubber to start.

  19. Those tyres SUCK

    I crashed going around a corner at 25kmph when the rear wheel slid out with those tyres

    it was cold road yes and tyres were cold but it was dry and it was 25kmph and I was conscious of the fact the tyres needed to warm up so I was taking it easy
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