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Rear tire slow leak - costs? moved from general and you spell it tYre

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by damz, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. So I've realised that my rear tire (Pirelli Diablo Rosso) is leaking slowly, approximately takes a week to go flat.
    How much should I be looking at for a service centre to remove, inspect and repair?

  2. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Did you check/ change the valve?
  3. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Nope, I don't have stands or equipment to do much of my own work on it aside from basic spanners etc. It had no valve cap on it, I thought that might have been letting a small amount of air out so I put one on but it's made no difference to the amount of air getting out...
  4. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    My mechanic (Brett at Madbiker) inspects it by over inflating (forget to what pressure) and covering it in soapy water to look for bubbles. He doesn't charge me for it but I'm a regular customer. But easy to do yourself. Make sure you wash the soap off properly after and readjust the pressure.
  5. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    A cap will not stop an air leak through a faulty valve, its there to stop debris from getting into your valve.

    If you have been riding with out a valve cap chances are that some foreign material has got in there. Its an easy job to change a valve. You only need a valve removing tool ( about $3:50 from supa cheap) and a foot pump to blow the tyre up again.
  6. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Or do it at the servo

    Definately replace the valve as the first opton.
  7. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Thanks for the advice! Ill keep in mind for next time since I just put it into the workshop, it's my local service place so I'm interested to see what kind of service and charges they do and a little job like this might be a good test case.
  8. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Mate, drop into supercheap, autobarn etc.. & pick one of these up, there about $5, tighten your valve & then put it with your other basic tools that you carry with your bike.

  9. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    Could be the valve but may be other things as well. Lizzy's tyre had a slow leak a while back which was not the valve components but the valve not seating properly in the rim. Requires taking the tyre off and refitting the valve. Again diagnosed by csplashing copious amounts of spit (use soapy water if you prefer) around the wher the valve protrudes from the tyre.

    I assume you have inspected the tyre for foreign objects.
  10. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    It seems every time I get a new tyre I get a puncture or leak during the first week. Usually I plug it but on the last occasion I couldn’t find the leak. I bought a bottle of that green stuff they sell at Super Cheap and it worked a treat. I even used it in the car tyre and when I removed a fairly large nail you could actually see it working to seal the hole. It works better if you remove any nails as leaving them in will still allow slow leaks due to the movement of the nail. Every time it reseals it will lose a little air.
  11. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    In case anyone wanted closure on this, my tire apparently had a small puncture in the centre... diagnosis and plug of the hole cost 85 bucks.
    I wonder if the sealant stuff mentioned above would've been enough to seal it properly....
  12. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

  13. Aren't you tyred of saying it.... :)
  14. Re: Rear tire slow leak - costs?

    For your info, I have always used the below type of kit to fix punctures. I have never had a problem.

    SCA Tyre Repair Tool Kit - 36 Piece
    Price: $19.99 EACH


  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire
    Yes the spelling is an Americanism but seriously who gives a F?

    And also I posted in general because I primarily wasn't looking for technical or troubleshooting input rather the COSTS involved in fixing. That some informative folks provided technical input is nonetheless appreciated.