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Rear Tire Blow Out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gavran, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Hello, i just joined up the posts:) Been surfing the net for some time trying to find a good bike forum. Looks like i found one:)

    I just bought a CBR 250 RR and have been riding it almost all the time. Its been a lot of fun but had a pretty bad scare on the freeway today. The rear wheel somehow managed to get a fat hole in it - i can put my little finger through it:(

    Was a bit wierd riding it like i was doing a bit of a bum wiggle but anyway just wanted to know wheer do i get a new tire from as i tried looking at bridge stone etc but no luck. Sorry never had a bike before to know this...

    Anyways its good to join up and im hopeful that i'll get to meet other riders and be able to go bike riding with you guys:)

  2. Wow! Congratulations. Did well to have a rear wheel blow out at freeway speeds and manage to keep it upright :)

    Any bike shop also sells bike tyres and will also fit them in their workshop, with a couple of specialised bike tyre fitters for bikes. It will depend upon where you are, and where the bike is?, on where to go. You have Bob Jane in the city, the bike shops along Elizabeth St in the city, Pablos in Mulgrave, bike shops at Nth Melbourne, Ringwood, Lillydale, Dandenong, Brighton, Essendon, and a whole lot more locations.

    Let us know where the bike is, and we'll be able to advise where your nearest retailer is.

    With your Netrider membership card, a few places are also partners offerring discounts. Refer https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners
  3. Tire blow out

    Hi mouth, thanks for the quick reply:):) Im in melbourne box hill so cool ill take a trip into ringwood or something.

    Yeah thanks for the comment on the blow out, was not that bad as i have heard but was still a funny feeling having the bike shake its ass a bit:) I guess it was more the fact that i was the only one in three lanes which made it easier to slow and stop...

    I joined the netrider membership too so ill look at that. Is it advisable to ride to the shop to get it fixed or tow the bike? I did ride it back home about 4 odd kms after the blow out..
  4. Re: Tire blow out

    There is a bike shop - Mick Hone Motorcycle - in Box Hill, on Whitehorse Rd, between Union Rd & Elgar Rd.

    But I never deal with them before, not sure good or not, but at least that would be closer to you.

  5. If your handy with a wrench, take off the rear wheel and take it to them. They fit tyre and you can then fit it back on the bike. Otherwise get it towed (ring the shop and ask them to collect), any riding of it in that state could severely damage the rim (if your 4km ride hasn't done so already).

    Mick Hone Motorcycles is at 715 Whitehorse Rd in Box Hill. Ringwood has quite a few, Bikemart, Peter Stevens, Nova Honda, Clipstone Yamaha, A1, BM....
  6. Become a HRCA member $33

    Then get Honda riders assist $55

    and then get them to tow the bike for you to the nearest shop.

    Getting one of the bike towing guys will cost you $75 so they work out around the same but you will have the option of being looked after with Road side assist for the year with my suggestion.

    Or if the Netrider roadside assist is up and running in the next few days, join it and get the bike towed and have 12 months of coverage.
  7. Thanks for the info, i took the tire out and went to Mick Hones and got a new tire cost me about 195 dollars and its a dunlop sports 140/60 R 17.

    Thanks for the info guys:)
  8. go the blowouts :twisted: welcome to the club matie