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rear suspension - hard or soft? low or high?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. hey guys - sorry for all these stupid questions.... but what's a better riding position? right at the moment my rear suspension are really soft and is low to the ground - I have no problem with that but what would be the recommended adjustment? should they be higher and harder? or is this purely upto the individual?

    I kinda have the feeling that with a softer and lower suspension - I find it has more resistance is steering in corners compared to harder ones... or is that my mind playing games?

  2. hey duk35,
    when i bought my bike :grin: , the owner was about 20kg lighter than me :cry: and had the bike set up soft and low. i found that in tight turns the bum would sag when powering out and when riding two up there wasnt alot of travel and the back would roll around on the road. i changed mine the other week to high and adjusted the gas shock a bit harder. feels more responsive now. but now when powering through the gears, instead of the rear supension compressing the front tyre lifts up :grin: :grin: cause the backs stiff.
    if you get what i mean.
    iv you want a bike you can feel and that is more responsive--- higher and harder. change it and go for a ride. thats the best way.
    cheers clint
  3. thanks clint - yeah I think that's the case with me aswell...

    the past owner of my bike was a small girl - probably weighing 10-15kg lower than me - I'm a small guy aswell but she was smaller..

    thanks for that man! I think you might have a strong point
  4. Don't be too worried about soft suspension, soft suspension is not a bad thing on the road and it is better than hard IMO. I have started to play around with the suspension on my bike and after making the rear much stiffer I found my bike less usable in tight turns.

    It felt great laying down the power in straight lines but I noticed that the front felt more likely to wash out when I was putting the power on mid turn. The rear suspension was doing a lot more work than I realised. When my rear suspension was softer it was loading up with power and giving it back to me at the right time letting me sling shot out of turns (lots of fun), but after making the back stiff my front end was taking more load mid turn and that was a bad thing for my style of riding (and unexpected).

    Optimal suspension is prolly different bike to bike, rider to rider, and road to road and harder aint always better. This is my exp and YMMV.