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Rear Sprocket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Any online shop that you are aware of stocks a good selection of rear sprockets and will ship to AU at reasonable rate?

    Looking for a 45T rear and possibly new chain and 18T front (though would like to avoid a complete set if I can just get away with the rear).
  2. Dont be a tight ass,do all sprockets and chain at the same time.Anything else is false ecomomy.I find if u have a good relationship with your mechanic it often doesnt work out much more for them to fit a set.Last set i had fitted on my zx9 was just over $300
  3. I want to try 45T to see how it feels, will swap back to 42T if I don't like it.
  4. I want to try 45T to see how it feels, will swap back to 42T if I don't like it.

    If I were to keep the 45T for good, then yes, will get the front and new chain as well as letting the mechanic to do it because I don know how to do the front nor do I have a chain tool.
  5. Did a 520 conversion for $174 on my SV650 going back a while (post below from svdownunder forum, April 2010):

    B&C Express, UK - http://www.bandcexpress.co.uk/sprockets/road.html

    On (L) navigation box: Select model "SV650 with 520 conversion"

    199-520-45HA: Renthal Aluminium Hard Anodised Rear Sprocket 199-520-45HA £ 21.10

    385U-520-15: Renthal Front Sprocket 385U-520-15 £ 10.73

    Order Subtotal £ 31.83
    Shipping & Handling £ 12.95
    Grand Total £ 44.78

    Paid $75 via Paypal.

    Peter Stevens (VIC & SA) are selling DID X-Ring 520 chains for $99, U/P $170.

    Nb. Not worthwhile getting the kits from B&C, their shipping for a kit is GBP71.48!! Ditto for postage if buying chain from them.