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rear shock rebuild

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by patR1, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. bike: xr400
    problem: leaking rear shock
    Cost of repair: been quoted just over $200 which is over my budget so need to service myself. as i also have 2 other shocks to repair of a vintage dirtbike so better get the hang of it myself.

    Seal kit: $80 +-
    Gas refill $20
    new shock oil $20

    i have the service manual tells me everything but not detailed enough in; release the nitrogen gas, Before i pop the seal gas needs to be released is this as simple as unscrewing the valve in the nozzle?

  2. bump ....................
  3. I reckon $200 is about right. I don't know of anyone that rebuilds their own shocks. Changing the fork oil yest but the shock no. I'd take it to the shop. If you can't afford it save up until you can.
  4. its only an open and replace seals. dam looks like now days no one does work themselves,
    unless its some trade secret. Anyway i post this up on other forums to get a answer as only the nitrogen part puzzles me....
  5. My mechanic sent mine away when it was leaking, so guessing not a job for the home handyman
  6. You can change the oil yourself but you'll need to get it regassed, the shock is filled with nitrogen from memory..
  7. a re gas costs only $20
    you can buy the seals yourselves. and fill oil to the right amount your self as well dont know what the big deal is? All the manuals i went through are step by step just miss the details of nitrogen release hence wanted to clarify here,
    Anyway i get dirty on monday and send some pics over of this black science...
  8. i'm refreshing an old RGV250 shocker at the moment. it's not that hard... the MOST important part is keeping things in order, and CLEAN!

    i'm awaiting a few bits then i can put mine back together.
  9. I think the mentality comes from the overwhelming number of non-rebuildable shocks out there. Most you need to cut open.

    Also many take it as an opportunity to have the shock tailor made to suit themselves.
  10. Send a PM to VTRBob - I once saw him recondition a shock using a ferret and a ball of wool.
  11. So "recondition a shock" is now some sort of gay metaphor?