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Rear Sets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys
    I swear i just posted this but its gone now.
    Anyway im in the hunt for some rearsets and found some on ebay GTYR OVER Rearsets going for about $300

    Im curious is this an alright price and for those who have them how much did you spend on yours?

  2. Hmm, long time ago, but I got a local metal man to build a set for me, custom-made. Seems like a lot of money for a few little bits of metal....
  3. thanks paul.
    I liked to get adjustable rearsets but didnt realise they were so expensive. ive seen them for about $500 so $300 sounds very attractive at the moment... just have to justify the purchase to the other half
  4. Hi imajo

    $300 for a rear set is what I would pay for a part for mine , I would not look a set at that price , mine start at baround $1000.00 , they have to work well ar you may as well not put them on , look at ones with roller bearing ect.
  5. $1000 oh my lordy =O
    any particular brands that i should be looking for?
  6. I think your E-Bay reference is what got it culled.
    BTW... WTF Are rear sets?
  7.  Top
  8. So basicly pegs and levers.
    [EDIT]And the brackets they hang off.[/EDIT]
  9. Talk to Mark Russell (Chairman)

    He made his own for his Yamaha and would probably be happy to give you advice.
  10. lol pretty much yeah.
  11. Want to know about rear sets Hmmmmmmmm

    Made em Modified em Broken em

    For those not in the now Clip on Handle bars and rear sets is what we older / Cafe racers used to turn our UJM into a Euro style race weapon
    Ala Bol D or Gira Italia or Montjuc Park bike

    Fit a 900 ss Ducati Half fairing Clip ons and rear sets with a single seat

    Whooooo Whooooooooooo

    Thems where the days Still is for some of us :cool: :cool:

    My recomendation is for the following




    But for $300 bucks is pretty damm good and you dont have to mod the frame

    Good luck
  12. Rearsets seem to be (for the most part) 3 parts bling and 1 part race equipment. Ive considered them just for the ability to adjust the peg position (loooong legs). $300 does sound cheap - make sure you check things like how it attached to your rear brake light switch, the real "race" jobs often dont support a mechanical switch and require you to rig a pressure sensor if you want to be on the road.

    In terms of brands, ive seen sato, gilles, arata, yoshimura - all seem to be around $500 US or more... good luck!
  13. Jesus there Japanese Over items they would go for 700 - 900 bucks new if they are as the picture looks like BRAND NEW

    Thanks for that link you might have another bidder on that one

    Only Joking

  14. Yep checked them out they have the mounting to take the standard brake switch mount with the roller to take the wire spring at the back of the right hand lever assy