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Rear seat cover

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. hey guys... i was working on my nsr again today and i thought about getting a rear seat cover coz im on ls so i cant take a pillion anyways... has anybody heard about a shop here in AUS that sells these for the nsr? i had a look on the net but i only found some in europe...also does anyone know if the rear handles on the 125 and the 150 are the same? thanks guys, hope you can help me out :grin:

  2. dont be shy ordering from overseas. most of the time you'll be paying less and half the time the parts will arrive in less time too.
  3. hey thanks for your reply...yes i know but i dont have another store from where i can compare the prices...at motorrad-bach they sell them for $150, does that sound alright? thanks,
  4. If that's for an NSR125 then it definitely won't fit the 150.

    Two entirely different bikes - the 125 was made in Italy, even had a dellorto carb!

    Sorry for the sad news ;-)

    Trevor G

    PS The CBR125 is closer, but sadly not close enough.
  5. hey thanks trevor... ok if both the cbr 125 and the nsr 125 wont fit, where could i get one for the 150? i thought the cbr125 one would fit for sure...thanks
  6. A month or so ago a girl selling her NSR showed what appeared to be a pillion seat re-upholstered in white. Although the pic was small and not clear, it looked good.

    I think it was done to match the contours of the tail-piece, although you could still see the gap below the seat pad. I'm not sure what a replacement seat pad is worth (not a lot, like most NSR parts) but someone who makes fibreglass components should be able to do one up.

    The first, the original mold is the biggest expense. The glass and laying it and laminating it, I have been told, is easy!

    How much would you pay for a rear seat cowl, finished in white with no stickers or painted trim?


    Trevor G

    PS I thought of getting one made up after seeing the bike ad...but we are probably trading the NSR for a Cagiva Planet shortly. Shhh...

    PPS You know Tyga do a complete rear cowl/seat assembly. It needs paint and a taillight to complete. Quite pricey, too.
  7. hey thanks for the reply...yeah i havnt thought of retrimming rear seat... :) i saw a nsr 150 for sale lately and it had a rear cowl which replaced the rear seat...i really like them ones...well its not like i wanna spent a fortune on just a seat cowl so i think letting someone make a new one is gonna get too costly... yeah i had a look at tygas but just too expensive... would i be able to modify the cowl from the cbr 125 to fit the nsr or are the seats totally different? thanks for your help so far trevor :grin:
  8. I doubt it cery much. The shape is quite different.

    How long have you had the NSR? Do you ride it for fun or transport? Ours had never been used in the rain and only had 3750km when we picked it up - oops, rode it away - in May. It still hasn't seen wet weather, and that's how we will be keeping it. :)

    I test rode one in 2002 and decided that they would make the perfect pocket rocket - enough power and excellent handling for a fun around-town machine. Also great for a quick 150 km blast through the hills nearby.

    I even like it on the freeway. Just make sure you have the correct B9ECS plug in - it shouldn't ever need a "hot" plug with the electronic ignition.

    Cheers, and keep dreaming ;-)

    Trevor G
  9. thanks for your reply...i have had the nsr for about 6 months now and i will be using it as transport and fun bike when i get my ls :? would have had em already but we got LAMS 2 days bfor my bday so i couldnt do my licence...now i use the $$ i saved to mod her up abit :p yeah i think i will scrap that idea...since you have owned a nsr...what could you do when you remove the rear handle to make it look neater? yeah i got a B9ECS in mine, it had a totally diff one in when i bought it and it ran real bad... cheers, stefan
  10. Whoa! Big delay - don't know how you put up with it. So when will you be riding?

    The first mod to do (in NSW and VIC where they have 40 kmh school speed zones twice a day) is to find a nice analogue watch at Big W, remove the strap and grind back the strap attachments, and stick it on the handlebar stem.

    Avoids getting booked because you didn't know the time.

    The horn is a bit feeble - we got a VTR horn from a wrecker for $15 and I will attach that shortly for a very much louder dual horn setup. Have already done that mod to the VTR by adding an NSR horn. :)

    Otherwise, because the NSR parts are so cheap we just replaced anything that was damaged, including any little screws that were missing. Keep all your original bits, the bike is worth more when you sell it in original condition than with any mods you might add.

    What mileage is on your machine?


    Trevor G
  11. haha yeah i know...i was rear pissed off when i found out i had to wait another 6 months... ha i shoulod try that here in tassie :p where do you get your original honda parts from? when i bought it, it had 8200km and now it got something like 9100 km coz my dad loves riding it evn tho he has a f800st :grin: yeah i know retail price aint to good but i dont hav to worry about that coz my bro is gonna buy it off me :LOL: what other mods have you done to your nsr so far? cheers, stefan