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Rear puncture

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I went up to Tuggerah via the Old Pacific H'way from Hornsby to Woody's m/c shop on Tuesday to book myself into a dirt course. I never got there and finished up in Terigal such is the state of my brain. Terigal, Toukley, Tuggerah all sound the same and I had left the back door wide open as well.

    My rear tyre was flat when I jumped on the bike at home. I only noticed because I checked the tyre pressure - it hadn't actually sagged. I had bought a foot pump last week and was feeling pretty smug as I pumped it up. I filled it to 30 psi and then to 41 up at BP Asquith. I thought it had gone down because I hadn't ridden it for a week.

    At Terigal I enjoyed the ocean view as I pondered the map working out how to get to Tuggerah but 500m after I jumped on the bike thet rear tyre was flat as a tack. No amount of foot pumping would get anythiing into it. So I limped one km into the Shell just West of Terigal and called Woody's who said they'd arrange a pick up.

    An hour and a half later a young lad from Ric Andrews M/C arrived and we shoved the bike onto the back of his ute. That was a first for me. Did I want to ride it up, Sir? Not bloody likely.

    I left Ric Andrews an hour later with a new rear tyre as there had been side wall damage apart from a whopping rusty nail.

    The previous owner(s) had put a tube in the tyre to get a bit more out of it and that was why I couldn't get a gas station air hose onto the rear tyre easily hence the foot pump. He only used it for short distance commuting so maybe that was a reasonable call.

    So I have bought FOUR new bike tyres in the last couple of months and my wife's budget for my bike has taken a severe hammering. I'll be cleaning the toilet and bathroom floors this morning.

    I was told that the soft rear tyre can just peel off going around a corner so I felt quite lucky that I had the outcome I did.

    I came back via the Old Pacific Hway quite a bit slower than I had gone up as I was told that new tyres needed scrubbing in because of some preservative the manufacturers put on the tyre when it is born.
  2. Bugger, but an adventure all the same

    Good luck with the new tyre and hope you get to wear this one out :wink: