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Rear preload - help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. I was cleaning (does it ever stop?!) my rear shock this arvo and noticed that my shocks preload was on the softest setting.
    I weigh in at around 90kg (muscle weighs more than fat.....honest) and want to know if it's going to benefit or hinder the way the bike rides if i stiffen it up.
    BTW, my bike came with no tools at all , so how the hell do you change the preload setting?!
    Daz. :wink:

  2. Probably best to refer to the manual and adjust according to the advised settings.
  3. I do wonder if at 90kg YOU are the right amount of preload... remember most bikes are designed for and by small and light men...
  4. Might be best to hook of with the Hornet-group to get some ideas on basic setting (back and front) for your bike. Then buy a C-spanner (most likely...check if the shock has a serrated ring or 2 at the bottom). :)
  5. At 75kg I have my suspension as stiff as it"ll go and it still feels like cornering a Jumping Castle at times. Give it a go and see how it handles. You can always change it later. Honda dealer will sell you a tool but I won't guess a price. :)
  6. Compared to my old VTR250, this suspension set up feels brilliant.
    Whether it would improve more if i played with the preload, i don't know.
    I want to try though.
    Any downsides other than comfort of having a stiff rear (that sounds bad.... :roll: )
    Daz. :wink:
  7. Rather than going from one extreme to the other, it might be better to either go by the experience of other owners of the SAME bike, or revert to standard settings, then working from there.
    ALL bikes have their own base-settings.
    Get the wrong setup and it'll be no surprise to end up plowing a paddock.
  8. [/quote]it might be better to either go by the experience of other owners of the SAME bike, or revert to standard settings, then working from there.[/quote]

    The only other Hornet 600 owner i know of is.....Hornet600 and he is a pain in the ass to talk to.......He never stops.... :p
    Daz. :wink:
  9. I should have worded it better but the point I was making is that there's no harm in playing with it. I wouldn't advise making radical changes and immediately thrashing it, but ultimately It'll come down to the rider's own preference after testing different settings.
  10. Suspension settings can also affect tyre wear, front and rear, as well as the discomfort factor.
  11. Postie Bike setup guide: "Ensure your rear suspension is as soft as possible without bottoming out." :)

    I bought a Honda C-spanner for the Spada last week for $14, however it did not include the lever extension. A genuine tool kit costs around $80.
  12. I'd say max preload might not be enough, you'd probably need a new shock
  13. Dont be suprised the leaver extension is more expensive than the C-spanner... I bought a C-spaner to tighten my chain (single sides swing arm)... it was $14 and the extension was over $20... go figure... I made my own extension...

    Some bikes require very specialised tools to do the most basic maintanance... while otheres don't... it is a good idea to have set of GOOD tools to replace the crapy set that the bike comes with + the specialised bits on the bike...
  14. I HEARD that!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    I haven't done anything with mine, and I'm a bit heavier than you, Daz. Whatever it's set at works well under all conditons, so far anyway (clocked 10,000 ks ownership yesterday)
  15. I doubt they would give you adjustable preload on a bike then have it setup so that the lightest was for a 90kg rider.

    I'm betting they aimed the middle about 75kg on a middle weight bike like this.

    So set you pre-load to somewhere more then half way and go from there.

    Is your rear damping adjustable?
  16. rear suspension preload

    There's a good article on how to adjust standard suspension that was published in Dirt Bike Trader earlier this year called "Speed Bumps" ? Written by the guy from Promecha. Perhaps Dirt Bike Trader or Promecha could send you a copy. It tells you everything from go to whoa.