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Rear Paddock Stand Design

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by proxemic, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    I was looking on a honda forum before and people had posted designs of bike stands they had made themselves.

    Does anyone have a design they can post, so i don't have to register for another website i will only use once?

  2. Whilst I don't have a design, stands can be bought for around $100.
    Is a lot easier than going out to buy the material, cut, and weld, plus the time to do so....
  3. Where's the challenge in that!?

    I just rang peter stevens in the city. I said, mate, what's your cheapest rear stand, he said $190, i said thanks cya later.

    Bikemart in ringwood said they can do an RJays for $100

    Some decent ones on ebay for $80

    But yeh wouldn't mind making one, bit of a project.
  4. if you make your own. copy the "sharp racing" design.

    its all 1 piece and wicked strong. i have one but they arent cheap.

    something like that you might be able to do under RRP
  5. Yeah, the RJays (Oxford?) multi-piece stand works fine but it's a bit on the wobbly side. :)
  6. The one i made has a rod that goes through the rear axle and through short bits of pipe on the stand with some stainless turned up on the lathe to hold them snug inside, then the rest is just bent up pipe with some supports welded in to hold it all solid.

    Just need to clean it up and paint it now. (procrastinating on the appearance bit)
  7. The R jays ones are fine for the price really.

    The design itself is pretty simple, you should be able to nut it out, by looking at some pics if you still want to make you own.
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  9. Go custom. I decided to make my my own with the help of a ally welder mate. I found the shop made stuff larger than l wanted and also needed the use of a third arm or balancing routine in lowering or raising.
    l place mine under pickups while bike is on side stand, stand bike upright and put foot weight on rear of stand and up.
    To get stand off, l sit on bike, put my left foot in front of stand wheel and rock over and off.
  10. kaneg, cheap and quality stuff, love my rear and front stands.
  11. Stuff making them now..

    I just picked up front and rear sharp racing $90 for both!!

    Aussie standards, thick n strong, with spool pick ups and rubber flats and a free set of spools that fit my gixxer ;D

    Freaken bargain!!

    thx ebay.
  12. Dammit i just got the rear off ebay for 90 delivered (stand is great) but a set for that wouldve been good!!

    Cant really say id have much use for a front stand though.. What would one use a front stand for normally? (short of removing your front wheel)
  13. sharp ones? fark... i looked for ages before i went and bought one new.

  14. heheeh removing the front wheel pretty much :p

    how else do you change tyres?
  15. +1 They even bent the spool hooks to match my Daytona's curvey swing arm so that it wouldn't rub.