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Rear of the new membership card

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by vic, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    Insure My Ride would like to know what details you think the rear of the Netrider Membership card should appear on it.

    Currently they list their advantages and services.

    Is there anything that they should have that isn't there.

    Apart from the phone number, thats a given. :grin:
  2. Don't know why but this post confuses me. Is this the back of the netrider membership card or an IMR membership card?

    Unsure if membership is a yearly thing or a life long one, but for Netrider benefit an expiry date. Currently there is none and that just allows people to get discounts even though they may no longer be a member.
    Its a small thing I know.

    Phone number and web address? I've been telling people netrider.net.au
    Hmm...I'm putting too much effort into this post. Thinking for 15minutes it already it seems.
  3. IMR membership? If looking at the Netrider side of the card you can't work out if it's a Netrider membership card with the great big whopping MEMBER in the top left hand corner you either need more sleep or spectacles :p

    There is no expiry date on the card. Membership is life long.
    If people get discounts and they deem themselves no longer part of Netrider, at least the partner that is offering the discount still gets a sale over one that doesn't offer discounts.

    .com.au or .net.au it matters not, both end up at the same place. Try it ;)
    The url is under the word MEMBER on the top, left corner.

  4. You cereal??? :shock: :shock:
    life long membership and for only $5
    Big night last night and I did need that extra sleep.
  5. $10 thank you very much :p

    and you get a lanyard now too :)
  6. I see where I've gone wrong!
    I have the old card!
  7. If it isn't credit card like, then you have an old one, if it is laminated it is an old card
  8. Yup I've got the old laminated one from 2006.

    That's an idea. Netrider credit card!
  9. Lol I have too many of them already, but I would be interested in the lanyard, guess I'm off to the netrider store to check it out :)
  10. I have one of the old cards. Does this need to be updated or is the one I have still ok to use?

    figured I might as well ask, given the topic of cards has come up.

  11. You can upgrade your card if you want to by purchasing a replacement card from the store.

  12. Card? I never got a card.
  13. Do a search re membership James all will be answered
  14. I'm with messy on this, why would IMR care what's on the rear of a NR membership card?
  15. Don't know about anyone elses but the whole back of my nr membership card is advertising for IMR

  16. im with James on this one..i never got a card either.
  17. +1, I never got one either, something to do with a previous Netrider guy taking the printer and Mouth hadn't got a new one yet!
  18. Me either, will I get one in the mail??
  19. Cards haven't been issued for over 12 mths, and were removed from the m/ship page back then. The printing machines are *very* expensive (several $k). I do hope to back issue cards one day when a card printer can be obtained.
  20. does this mean existing membership cards are now more valuable :p ??? :LOL: