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Rear of subframe cut - completely fenderless now!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by QuarterWit, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Hello boys and girls!

    After tossing up what I should do with the rear of my frame, I decided to take it to Craig at "The Mischief Makers" - a small outfit at the rear of Intyre Motorcycles at Fitzroy.

    A quick chat, a smoke thinking about what I want and how he can do it and one day later, for an amount that is really criminally cheap I got this back.

    As a reminder, here's the old rear section...


    And now...



    Blinkers have been moved, rear subframe cut off and a new bar bent up, welded and painted.

    So now it's past the point of no return... what to do next...
  2. Cool bike. Rear end is nice and tidy too now, looks good. :)
  3. Looks sweet!
  4. Love the bike QW. She's a real beauty.
  5. Ape hangers!

    Is that a proper fix on the broken number plate? 'Cause I just got me the elusive honestly-obtained street sign - a big Give Way sheet of aluminium - from which to cut some SR500 number plate backings!
  6. That is one amazing looking bike - I love the cleaness of the tail too.
  7. No Matt, no apehangers!

    It's a temporary fix on the plate but it looks alright. Save me some of that streetsign, will you?

    I went to Deus Ex Washingmachina while I'm up in Sydney to get some ideas about the front of the bike and they are all a bit 'busy' for my liking. I'm thinking about just sticking with the current cluster and get a new triple clamp.
  8. I think you might have legal problems with the extreme angle of that number plate if an officer is in the mood.

    Someone here was booked for exactly that about six months ago, in Sydney. I think the charge was the serious "deliberately obscuring your number plate" one as well. You may want to try to angle it down a bit.
  9. It really is a beautiful looking bike.
  10. i would've recessed the tail light under the seat more. still looks like it hangs out in no mans land imho...

    wonder how it would look with the numberplate mounted vertically near the sprocket like on some cruisers?
  11. Nice bike QuarterWit - very cool. Where'd you get the seat for it?
    Can I get the contact details of "The Mischief Makers" please? I'd like to do something similar to my CD250, but need a bit of help :grin:
  12. N*A*M* - you're not the first person to say that - and I can see where you're coming from! I actually quite like i though. If I was to mount it next to the sprocket... I'm not too sure about cornering clearences though. Or if other drivers would actually look for a break light there?

    Pink, the seat is from Vanem, a guy who operates out of Sydney. I'll find the details for Craig tomorrow. You might be speaking to the right person there - he has a CD or two there that he is in the process of working on. One has a little bikini fairing. Looks the goods.
  13. #13 mattb, Nov 25, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    He's a member here, and has a photo included of his cafe'd CD.

    QW, are you going to the Club tonight? I'm turning up on my SR...reaching for the sky. Parking will be a challenge - my standard throttle cables are too short so I can't turn the bars left... Otherwise, it's BLOWN MY MOTHER-FREAKIN' MIND MAN!


  14. ooh, was that the chocolate brown one that was in the projects awhile ago? It was niice :grin:

    Thanks for the info QuarterWit - methinks I need to see this Vanem, the line between comfy and style only seems to be a skill with cafe seats :p
    Not really big on bikini fairings myself, just a bumstop seat and new 'bars for the moment, maybe some new paint, matt black - think I may have caught the mod bug :wink:
  15. Sounds good Pink! I'm not a big fan of bikini fairings. My seat is actually very comfortable, I rode from Sydney to Melbourne pretty much non-stop down the hume one day without problems.

    Matt, I didn't realise the meeting was tonight. I'm absolutely knackered after the weekend and only flew back yesterday, then had to go the the ABC studios at Ripponlea for a audition for the Einstein Factor!

    But I'll try and head out, if nothing else but to show off my new arse. Of the bike.