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Rear mounting rack

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Kevin S, May 6, 2014.

  1. Heya there mates,

    I am looking for someone who can custom make a rear mounting bracket and rack for my bike. It's a Daelim CA110. I have tried looking for it at motorcycle accessories shops but no luck. A kind soul from our netrider community suggested that i can have it custom made from someone who knows about bikes. I live in Western Sydney. Will greatly appreciate any suggestions from anyone. Thank you guys! :]

  2. the best way to do it and how a proper rack would be mounted is:
    - Remove grab rails
    - replace grab rails with custom rack
    - attach top box carrier to rack
    - attach top box.

    just go to any small engineering shop and they should be able to make something up for you. I was lucky as where my office was i had a small engineering company a couple doors down, they were always more than happy to do little jobs for me for cash.

    alternatively if you aren't to worried about the appearance, it would be easy to bodge something up with some steel, and hose clamps from buntings and a milk crate.
  3. Hey there iClint,

    Thanks for the suggestion on the milk crate but i would rather have a proper top box. :]
    Would you be able to hook me up with the shop that you mentioned? Where it's located? Maybe i can call them up and check if they are willing to make one for me.
    Thanks for your help mate. :]
  4. LDG engineering in moorebank NSW
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  5. Thanks a lot mate. I will check with them.
  6. Might be an idea to at least buy the mounting plate before you go, just so they can see what they're dealing with.
  7. OK will do. Thanks for the suggestion Greydog!