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Rear Motorbike Stand Honda CB250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by WantFreedom, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a rear motorbike stand my Honda CB250 just to lift the rear tyre up off the ground be able to clean the chain etc easily, although the bike has a centre stand due to my uneven surface the tyre doesn't come off the ground enough to spin the wheel freely, plus I am going to remove the centre stand as its scraping the ground when I go around corners.

    Anyone recommend a cheapish stand that would do the job?

  2. Uneven surface??? Do you mean the stand is worn or the ground is uneven.

    Seems odd as the stand should be sufficient to lift bike over minor irregularitites and you shouldn't be using the centre stand on major ones.

    If the latter then move to somewher flatter or use a piece of board. Or plant the bike where the wheel is in a hole.

    If the stand is worn you could try getting a bit of extra metal welded on.
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    As above ^^ also check the spring that holds the centre stand retracted to make sure it is fully retracting and not hanging down re corners.

    Re a Paddock Stand" Anderson Motorcycle Stands

    You can get cheaper Chinese ones but these are quality Aussie made stands.
  4. The surface is uneven at home no where really even to even clean the chain properly, I just thought it would be easier spending $50 or so on a stand and use that looks easy and simple to do plus gives me that height i require to spin the wheel :)

    Are the cheap chinese knock offs ok? just need it to do the job once every now and again I clean chain and stuff
  5. For a small bike the Chinese ones would probably be OK. Larger bikes I wouldn't risk it, some Chinese choices in Alloy are a bit flaky.
  6. As the centre stand has now been removed I purchased this for $59.95 - Motorcycle Rear Race Stand - Third Gear

    Come flat so put together and took all over 5 minutes then attempted to get the bike up on the stand after a little bit of of nervousness thinking the bike might lean and fall I lined her up and pulled it back and popped her up she fell back beautifully now I have that nice clearance to make cleaning very easy in the future. Was just as easy to put her back down lifted the trolley back up slowly and let her fall no problem.
    1. 2. :) Putting her back down
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