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rear indicator sometimes working

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyan, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Sometimes my front left indicator flashes really fast and sometimes at the normal speed. When it flashes really fast the left rear indicator doesn't work. This happens about 50% of the time I indicate left. I have also noticed that sometimes when I indicate left when approaching a corner the front indicator flashes really fast but then when i roll all the way off the throttle it starts flashing at the correct speed and the rear indicator then kicks in also. But other to that I can't see any patten to why it sometimes works and other times doesn't.

    Any suggestions please????
  2. Bad connection mate.
    Its acting as if you have a blown globe which is an incomplete circuit.
    Crook connection is the same.
  3. + 1 to 2wheelsagain

    Check when it is slow flashing if the front and rear globes are flashing of only one and start looking in the wiring of the failed one. Often it is ground return problems.
  4. thanks for the help.

    when it is slow flashing both front and rear are working.

    when you say start looking in the wiring for the problem. what exactly am I looking for. would it be a problem located at the indicator switch itself?
  5. I seem to be having the same problem...it works, it doesn't, it works, it doesn't, it works, it doesn't, it works, it doesn't...bloody thing!
  6. A problem with only one indicator is unlikely to originate at the switch. However, you need to be systematic about finding the dodgy connection.

    Firstly, get the lens off and have a look at the globe. Take it out and have a good look. Is the filament intact (should be if the bulb works at all, but I've seen a couple where a broken filament wobbled about enough to make intermittent contact)? Is the metal base of the globe clean and free of corrosion? Ditto the contact on the end? Is the glass globe loose in the metal base? I've had quite a few globes fail this way recently. I don't know why. I don't remember it happening so much years ago.

    If the globe itself checks out, how well does it fit in its holder? It shouldn't be loose (firmly "spring-loaded" type movement is OK). Is the inside of the holder clean? Is the contact at the bottom of the holder clean?

    After that, you need to start tracing the wiring. There'll (probably) be two wires leading from the holder, probably bundled together in a piece of plastic tube. Just follow them to see where they go. On an awful lot of bikes, the rear indicator wires go to a connector block on, or worse under, the back mudguard. Right where it'll get blasted with road sh&t. This is probably number one suspect for an iffy connection. Disconnect it and have a look inside the two halves. The metal contacts should be bright and shiny. Chances are they won't be. They'll need cleaning with sandpaper or some sort of scraping tool. Whatever you've got to hand that'll go in there basically. Alternatively, Dick Smiths and the like can sell you a spray can of contact cleaner (although I'd advise caution as it might be a bit aggressive on any plastic in the vicinity).

    If those don't get your indicator working reliably, you'll need to trace the wiring further. Basically, follow your wires until you reach any sort of connector and then do the disconnect, inspect and clean trick again.

    However, I'd be quite surprised if your problem didn't lie in either the globe, the holder or the first connector block upstream.
  7. pat, thanks for going to the trouble to explain me through it. i'll let you know how i go. cheers!