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rear fender for rwc

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. ive got to get an rwc soon and at the moment i have flush mount indicators and the number plate is straight on the undertail.

    rwc tester said i need normal protruding bulb indicators and some sort of rear fender.

    i got the standard indicators from the wreckers but i can't seem to get the standard rear fender anywhere, most of them have been smashed into a squillion pieces.

    would something like this pass rwc?


    under my brake light is clear so that acts at the license plate light at the moment.
    i can take a picture of if it helps my case.

    edit: here is a pic of what it looks like, but has the plate right under that tail light

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  3. ADR's require the mudguard to stop rocks etc flicking up. Any tail tidy is a legal risk - especially if there's no guard at all and the indicators are closer than the required width apart (which is typically the case in integrated light/indicator set ups)
  4. I think they'd rubber stamp it if you at least had a mudguard...

    the indicator width thing, depending on how much of a douche the tester is...he could take the ruler out and any fender eliminator you chuck on it will be ruled illegal, so it is a risk.
  5. might have to custom make something out of perspex or tin sheet then, because i will have to mount the number plate on something aswell
  6. just screw on a piece of plastic cut from an ice cream container or something to pass RWC
  7. I have a hugger on my bike, as well as have the number plate mounted on a bracket with the indicators off to the side.
    Had it inspected after fitting the undertail, and plate bracket, and was told that it meets requirements as such for having a mudguard....
    Maybe worth a try for you....

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  8. Wow, that made it through Grange? I'm pretty sure the indicators wouldn't be at the required 300mm(IIRC) width, but hell, I like the look of that rear end. Tidy. :)
  9. i like that haha.

    don't forget to remove the peters vanilla ice cream sticker though
  10. The LED indicators are at 270mm centres.
    The undertail with the integrated lights was bought of ebay $120.
    The staintune pipe also has a compliance tag stuck on it, so no problems there.
    After I fitted all the parts, took it to the garage were I get pink slips done, just to see his view on my changes from a registration compliance view, and was told there would be no problems, as I have the number plate bracket such that it forms what was the original crappy piece of plastic.
    Also have the flush mount LED's on the front, as well as changed the mirrors to ones that have LED turn signals built into them....

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  11. that looks awesome, not sure if it will fit a cbr 929 though. you have a link?
  12. Sorry grange, I actually didnt' see the indicators. I thought the two lights in the undertail were combined brake and indicators - I know a trumpy that has that arrangement.

    All good. That's a nice piece of work there mate.
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