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rear feels like sliding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by frank3, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. In the last week my rear tyre feels like it slides whenever I perform a hard turn. I am not doing any knee scrapping turn. Far from it, instead these are normal, but quick turns.
    This occurs at all speeds, but more noticeable on slower speeds.

    I have done much search on the internet and tried other people's solutions to the same issue. This is what i have done:
    - checked my wheel alignment (using the markers on the side of the wheel).
    - adjusted my pre-load (front and back)
    - adjusted my front and rear rebound
    - adjusted my front compression
    - altered tyre pressure (used lower psi)
    - cleaned my tyres in case there was slippery stuff on them.

    my bikes details are:
    - 2011 Kawa N1k
    - 2,000km on current tyres

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. What does the tread look like? I presume they are almost new tyres?

    How hard are you getting on the throttle, is it related to throttle inputs or on maintenance throttle?

    What tyres?
  3. the tyres have done 2,000kms of normal riding. there is plenty of tread on the tyres.

    i am not twisting the throttle too quickly.

    I get the same rear feeling whenever i swerve from left to right during constant speed of around 30-40 km.
  4. Check the tire profile, has it scalloped or squared off?
  5. Try putting your suspension settings back to how they came out of the dealership and try putting a little more PSI (ie 1 or 2) in the tyres rather than a little less
  6. Agree scalloped tyres will feel like sliding (and will ! )
  7. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Put up a photo of your rear tyre. It will tell a tale.
  8. My tyre felt like that. It was scalloped due to incorrect tyre pressure. It sounds like you've had yours correctly inflated though, but just check the tyre out anyway.
  9. Thank-you for the replies so far. I had not thought about the wear conditions of the tyre because it is still relatively new, at least i thought.

    Below are 2 photos of the rear tyre.



    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Is it just in the last week that it feels weird?
    What have you done different? To the bike.
    Have you had a little moment in the last few weeks?
    Is it stepping out or just feels like it's stepping out?
    Are you just getting more confident and leaning more through corners. Not use to the lean angles of the bike yet
  11. Started happening in last 2 weeks. Nothing different has happened in last 2 weeks.
    It feels like stepping out. A mate took it for a ride today. He weighs 40kg more. He also felt it stepping out and thinks it may have stepped out one time. He reckons my front is lower than the back, but i haven't changed anything when this started to happen. And besides i played around with the front preload backing it off all the way (and the other way) and it made no difference.
  12. take it to the shop, and get them to look at it. I mean It is new.
  13. thanks for the replies guys.

    has anyone seen the photos i posted on page 1 and tell me whether the rear is a scalloped tyre?
  14. Hard to tell a scalloped tyre from a pic unless it's really bad.
    Run your hand over it and feel it. If it's scalloped it will feel a little hollow in the center of the tyre. Where it sits running a strait line.
    Your manual will have the factory presets for the suspension and how far the forks are through the top. Statics should be 30mm front and rear on that.
    Like they say take it back if it's under warranty.
    Strange one. Loose linkage maybe. But it would feel farked all the time if they were loose.
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  15. It can skip when you get onto the chicken strips. With the warmer roads you might be getting into it a bit more. On my bike at the end of winter it was noticeable with bridgestones before I had the suspension sorted but since then I've changed to pirellis and it doesn't happen, but with two changes don't know which it was.
    Ride some increasingly quicker circles around cones or something in a car park and see if and when it does it?
  16. ^^^^What he said.

    Also try giving your chicken strips a wash to wash away any wax from it. You could be tipping it in to unchartered territory and that may be hitting the waxy bit.
  17. FIXED

    the following adjustment/s fixed the problem. I did both at the same time so not sure which one actually fixed the problem or both had a hand in it.

    I realigned the back wheel. It was out by 2-3mm.

    changed the front sag so it is now 2mm more than the back. My back is 38mm (it's high because my seat height is 32inches and my inseam is less therefore i need to keep the bike height low so i am not too tippy toe). My front is 40mm.