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Rear Ender - That Could Ended A Lot Worst!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by joetdm, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Heading home about an hour/half ago and traffic was heavyish...
    A light shower had just passed so roads were damp.

    Traveling south on Warrandyte Rd, stopped due to a car turning right two cars ahead into a side street just past Wonga Rd in Ringwood and giving way to oncoming traffic.
    Only gentle braking was required as we wern't going fast at all.
    Young bloke in a Holden Rodeo obviously not 100% on the ball, skidded into the back of me hitting the back of left exhaust pipe pushing me forward.

    I always leave space ahead but I was pushed hard enough to hit the car ahead but lucky, as I was in the right wheel track, I managed to manouvre my bike to the right of the car right in front between him and on coming traffic without falling.
    I ended up in front of the car that was ahead of me...
    Could have been a lot worst if I'd fallen to the right or ended up in front of oncoming traffic but the survival instincts kicked in and I suppose it's a good end result.
    Also could have been different if he would have hit the bike directly into the back wheel and a lot harder..

    My thoughts when stopping, after my thankfulness of being fine, was that the bike had a bit of damage.
    Apart from the back of the stock exhaust pushed in a bit, no other visual damage and riding it home felt no different which is good is a good start and shouldn't stop me from riding it....
    I'm really amazed there's not a lot more damage as it felt hard enough to cause more.

    Another driver who saw the whole thing also stopped, made sure I was ok and gave me his name and number should I need a witness..
    Hopefully should be sorted out ok as it's all fairly straight forward.

    Had a good look when I got home and really can't believe the minimal damage.
    He has a broken right indicator..
    Obvioulsy I'll still be taking it to get checked over and yes I want it fixed no matter how minor the damage.
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  2. glad your here to tell us :)

    pretty sure it bent the rear subframe though....:p

    take the driver for all you can...stupid inattentive assh*le that he is
  3. tough bikes those Yamahas

    glad you're alright, mate :)
  4. Glad you are Ok Joe. The roads were very slippery, I agree. I was riding like a granny as I exited the EastLink @ Carrum Downs. Felt the tyre squeal a few times but was just cautious and weary and just got home now. Safe & Sound!

    Did the Rodeo guy stop? Was he texting his gf at that time or something?
  5. When you said Warrandyte Rd, I thought it would have been a curvier section to the north, not on a straight to the south. What an idiot. Congrats on keeping the bike upright after an offset hit!
  6. Glad to hear you and the bike are OK Joe. Fantastic job at maneuvering the bike past the car that was in front of you and not dropping the bike. This really goes to show how important it is to keep an eye on your mirrors when stopped!
  7. Crap mate. Not good news at all. Glad you're safe tho mate.
  8. good to hear you are ok Joe

    nail that **** to the wall for all you can get. seriously, it's not that hard to see a motorcycle directly in front of you. you met a grade A retard and i hope he burns in hell.
    that was too close. one clip of oncomming car and game over. no excuse for his behaviour
  9. Glad to hear you're safe Joe, bike's n bits are always replaceable, did he/she give a reason for 'not seeing you?' mobile usage?
  10. Good to hear you're okay!

    What did the young kid have to say for himself?
  11. #11 joetdm, Aug 5, 2011
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    Very apologetic and that he went into a skid.
    He's just young and needs to gain experience. Was on green p's and looked about 20.
  12. know the road well, shame bout the accident but overall a decent outcome (considering)

    good luck getting it sorted!
  13. Bloody bullshit that shouldnt happen,good to hear your not hurt ,these dogs drive too close to our rear ends anyway,was probably texting or friggin around with a phone looking down i see it everyday without fail,make sure to check your frame hasnt moved or any stress fractures within that area,shock as well,good luck.
  14. Well the good news is you'll never do that again.

    Now you know what that means.
  15. Glad you're ok Joe.

    Chef's right, don't get caught there, if you can't avoid it use your right indicator and flash your brake lights. not a good place to be.
  16. Chef - Hawklord
    Your both right 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't have been there in the first place.

    Trouble is that part of Warandyte Rd is fairly tight, lot of cars, damp and also downhill.
    I approached the traffic lights at Wonga Rd and lights were red, about 7-8 cars lined up to left and only one car on the right so stopped in the right track behind that car.
    Those who know that intersection heading south know that there's hardly enough room to filter to the front but lights were about to change to green anyway.
    As you take off from those lights, road imediately veers to the right and that's where there was a car ahead (only about 50 meters ahead) waiting to turn right into a small street. Same time all those cars on our left were accelerating so no room to merge left within that 50 meters so really no option but to stop.
    Also I doubt we got any faster than 25-30kph.

    I'm sure young guy behind taking off from the lights was in auto mode thinking well we're just leaving from lights and you just accelerate as most cagers do. Particularly only 50 meters from the lights.
    At about 20 years old, doubt when taking off from the lights, he'd be subconciously thinking along these lines as you many would with driving experience and maturity:
    Green light, down hill, wet roads, lot of traffic, road ahead veering to right so can't see so I better not drive so close....
    And who know if he was either talking on the phone, changing radio stations, etc...

    As soon as I saw the car turning right, I did think Hmmmm! And I was right.

    Soon as he pushed me forward quite a lot of things went thru my mind...

    Firstly, had to counter balance bike as I was being pushed behind the left pipe so a right sidewards push and as I wasn't right on the tail of the car in front had just enough space to do so.
    Thought of holding brakes hard but decided no, wet road if I lock my front tyre I'll most likely hit the deck and may be pushed into car in front.
    Saw that gap to the right of the car in front so decided to let the bike roll thru there.
    On coming cars were close but they kept their line probably because they saw what happened.

    Suppose lot of it was instinct but the biggest thing that stopped more damage to me or the bike was that I stayed upright...

    Same time there's a good point in what chef says about not doing it again.
    There's always something to learn about how and where we place ourselves when we ride, for me it's thinking about where I was riding well before I got to that first set of lights at Wonga Rd..

    This is why I always read threads in the near miss...
    It's a learning tool for everyone for all the sh&t that can happen to anyone at any time...

    Thanks everyone...
  17. That's the one type of accident that scares the crap out of me, when you have to stop and there's no room for you to sit anywhere but at the back. Lucky the prick wasn't doing 80. Glad you're ok.
  18. Thank God you kept your wits about you while all of this was going on, that's the number one life saver on a bike. Good work.

    It's not a nice feeling when the spidey senses start tingling and you know you're trapped into a vulnerable position. It looks like your *warning* radar gave you enough time to be prepared for anything and this time the anything happened. A less mature rider could of panicked and made the situation worse. Well done mate.
  19. Glad you're OK Joe! Good work to minimise the damage (to you and the bike).
  20. Yeah, you did good. Thanks that the young kid did at least hit the skids.
    I've been rear ended and almost panic if i get cornered and waiting like a sitting duck.
    Guess i can feel the bullseye getting bigger and bigger.

    Not casting aspersions, but as a young bloke, his insurance is probably expensive. You could have a grands worth of damage, which will sound wrong to him ( but it was only an exhaust pipe!). Anyway don't be too trusting up front.