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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aoeu, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Heading home from work this morning. Road is wet, light rain. Take off from a green light then see 2 people dart across the road (no crossing/lights/refuge island). Was going about 40-50 at this stage, I hit the breaks hard, rear locks for a bit, slides, front dips down, I hit the horn hard and manage to stop about 2m away from them. They're dumbstruck and just stare at me in shock and then a second later a Camry hits me from behind - the same Camry that was at the lights with me.

    Bike crashes down and I stumble across it but land almost upright. My shin hit the bevel-drive and there's a nice bruise there now. Otherwise I'm fine. LHS crank case scratched, pegs bent, bars damaged, mirror, rear guard and plate assembly damaged. I have full comp (NRMA) insurance and the bike was just bought a month ago and only has 2000kms.

    I got all the details and I realised the two crossing were pretty much drunk, and although they in a way 'caused' the accident, the guy behind me should've been able to stop if I was able to stop in time. They may be at fault but i don't think anything would happen to them if i filed a police report because there is an over-arching need for people to keep a safe braking distance even in the rain.

    Now my bike probably isn't written off. And this pisses me off the most. It's brand new pretty much and now I have just lost a huge chunk of resale value out of it. I'm also very skeptical about bikes being repaired. A rear-ended bike has extreme stress put onto the swing-arm, axle, bearings, spokes, rim, in a direction that was never intended to have force. Full comp insurance is still going to leave me way out of pocket with loss of value and with always knowing that my bike is now a hack job. *(!#(09%*%1

  2. Sorry to hear about your bike mate - that really sux. As far as who's at fault - I think as far as insurance is concerned,whoever hits someone from behind is automatically at fault.
    If you're not sure about filing a report - call the Police Assistance Line - 131 444 and see where you stand.
  3. Rear ended-instant at fault.
  4. Bugger mate! Sorry to hear your new steed is a bit banged up and I understand how you feel re. the repair and resale devaluation. Yup, the Camry is at fault (as it was a rear-end collision) although I do sympathise with him/her in part. Bet the pedestrians simply toddled off to another watering hole to cause further mayhem.
  5. Just did the police report. The pedestrians stayed. I asked for contact details and the guy volunteered an email. Told him to get f****. Took his license details instead.

    As for the Camry driver, I think if I managed to stop in time with 2 wheels then I'm sure he should have been able to if he had been more alert. I had a wet visor to see through!

    And I thought this forum was for "near misses". Anyway.
  6. Camry at fault.
  7. .. Absolutely!!!!
    As for the damage to your bike, anything's fixable, and you probably are not qualified to state what might or might not be wrong with it. Leave that up to the insurance company and go with the results.
  8. Glad you're ok mate. As others have said the Camry is 100% at fault. The claim will be through their insurance.
  9. Too bad about your bike, but glad you're alright apart from a bruise. Rear-ending someone or reversing into someone is pretty much instant at fault so your insurance shouldn't be affected. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll write it off and replace it with another nice new one.
  10. so many morons so few bullets
  11. It might make you feel better if the pedestrians get a J-Walking ticket!
  12. Spoke to dealership, they said if the swingarm has any damage / bent then it's a write-off. Hope its a write-off!!! but really pissed that I would have to run-in the motor again. That process was a freakin pain having to keep to <4000rpm. Thanks for the comments.
  13. That's twice today you've responded immediately after one of my posts with the same comment, phil. A fella might get paranoid :)
  14. Google "motoman break in".. :)

  15. No need for that mate you are wasting your time and missing out on good riding time.
  16. I'm guessing write off.

    Also you know the Italian tune up? There is also the Italian run in period.
  17. Run in period?

  18. do you have new bike replacement for the first 2 years in your insurance?