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Rear ended

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by roshkov, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. So I'm waiting to turn left on a busy road when the wanker in the BMW decides to go before me. WHAM! he hits me up the backside and I go flying off. My lovely bike goes down and now is in the crash repairs. Lucky I wear ATGATT so I was not hurt except for a bruise on the inside of my knee from the armour. All the idiot had to do was look forward and he would not have hit me. Hope my insurance company screws him over. :evil:

  2. really have to wonder how some people remember to breathe.

    bad luck.
  3. Glad you're ok!

    Maybe one day a truck will decide go without looking when the BMW driver is in front of it, that way he'll know how you felt. :shock:

    Just kidding, hope your insurance process goes smoothly & you end with a nice shiny new bike!
  4. good to see you are ok, bikes can (eventually) be replaced, personally I despise BMW drivers as much as Volvo drivers..
  5. How those Beemer drivers can put up with those overtly aggressive and cold Bangle designs is completely beyond me ... and all those idiots who buy Volvo S40s without realising they have just paid double for a Ford Focus / Mazda 3 chassis. Anyway ...

    Roshkov, the important thing is no car or truck collected you when you were knocked into the intersection. Goods news is your choice to wear ATGATT has paid off and you are OK! Shame about the bike though ...