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Rear-ended ?VTR 250 Write-off?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dazza139, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Well it happened. My first major accident and only 8 weeks into my L's
    I was coming home today along Heidelberg road. A dog off the lead crossed the road through 4 lanes of traffic. I had to brake quickly and came to a halt. 2 seconds later - BANG! - hit my another car from behind. My bike was swept out from underneath me and fell onto its left side before travelling another 5 meters. Thankfully I had stopped and the driver of the car wasn't going all that fast when they hit.

    The bike looks bad. Seat is bent up and scrunched in the middle. Not sure if the rear wheel is straight anymore and the swing-arm looks a little bent. I was able to wheel it off the road and there was rubbing noise coming from front wheel.

    So what do you think? Write-off or repair?

    Lesson learnt - always look in mirrors when doing an emergency brake in busy traffic?

    - good emergency braking - didn't hit the dog
    - happened at low speed so risk of injury minimal
    - I am unharmed (as is the driver of the car)

    - rear-ended
    - bike in a bad way
    - days to weeks now without my bike and back to public transport!

    (The car - some damage to driver's side front fender and indicator but able to be driven)
  2. rear enders are generally from what i have heard hard to fix. do much damage to so many parts. glad youre ok!
  3. Fu.ck that! Check your mirrors regularly and hope you make the right choice in an emergency situation. I think you did well to not hit the dog. hope you got the dog owner's info just in case.
  4. i dont think the dog being there will have any relavance in a claim. the dude that ran into you is at fault. do they have insurance? better hope so cause it will be a write off, unlikely to be rapairable. that sort of damage would be deemed a total loss for an insurer regardless of whether the bike can be reregistered or not. i heard laws in vic have tightened up on this sort of thing recently??? i wouldnt be checking your mirrors untill you are stopped. hitting the anchors hard whilst checking mirrors (admitatdly i do it from time to time) is bad practise. when you hear those screeching tyres behind you, dont even check the mirrors, get the fcuk out of the way!

    glad to hear you are ok, hopefully you'll have it sorted sooner than you realise.
  5. iiirc the VTR has a bolton subframe so makes repairs easy

    depends on the rest of the damage

    get it checked out and see how the rest of the frame and swingarm is

    would make an easy repair if the rest is straight
  6. Bad luck about the bike, glad to see you're still upright.

    This situation is a bit of a tough one I think. In theory you should know basically whats going on all around you (even behind you). When you do an emergency stop (or any stop) you take the risk that somebody behind you will come to a stop in time and therefor clean you up. For that reason it is a good idea to check out your mirrors either before, during or after your stop. In this case if you had checked your mirrors once stopped you may have seen the car coming and had time to do something about it. Maybe. I wasn't there so I can only theorise.

    Now, this assumes that you actually had to come to a complete stop. Again I say this without knowing the actual scenario, but I have had an incident of a dog on the road (90km/hr zone). I had decided that I may not have had enough time to come to a complete stop, so I washed off as much speed as I could whilst keeping the bike under control. As I got close to the dog I opened the throttle to settle the bike in case I needed to swerve. Luckily no evasive action was required.

    Good luck in dealing with the insurance agencies, I hope they treat you better than my recent rear ended incident.
  7. yes but it highly likely that the damage he described to the subframe/swingarm would also cause damage to the chassis. hard to tell without seeing it. regardless i would be very suprised if the other parties insurer didnt deem it a total finacial loss. got any pics yet?
  8. Thanks for your feedback. Insurance seems pretty good to deal with so far. The bike has been taken to the local Honda dealer so I'll wait to see what happens when it gets assessed. Hopefully I'm not off the road long. And no I didn't get the dog owner's details - there wasn't one in sight. I hope being on my learners doesn't affect my claim in anyway.
  9. he hit you from begind therefore he is at fault. and therefore he has to pay for any damages, get your gear checked out aswell, you prob want a new helmet at least. to my knowledge the law is pretty clean cut about that.

    *waits to be shot down by anybody with an ounce more experience than me... that is anybody*
  10. poo bum crap.

    ahh well, least your ok! mmm the VTR has the separate rear subframe, i bent mine in a bingle. thats def bent, then no doubt the rear ducktail is damaged, if it slid on its side without oggy knobs alot of parts will be scratched/maybe dinted. even if the main frame isnt bent or anything, im guessing this will be a write-off, as its freakin expensive replacing numerous parts, found this out with my first accident. gotta sort out my 2nd one too :p

    all the best with it mate. get the quote from local honda shop asap, n keep hassling the other bloke's insurance company so u get ur bike (or another/payout) soon! and if any gear was damaged, get that claimed too!
  11. So I let my insurance company know and they started the claim process. It seems like they will do all the dealings with the other parties insurance company. Is that other people's experience as well? If it is a writeoff I'm just hoping that I will get a similar price to what I paid for it only 8 weeks ago - maybe not though as I bought from a dealer.

    As for the gear, none of it was damaged. In fact given the damage to the bike it's amazing that I haven't got a scratch on me.
  12. You'll get whatever you insured it for. Do you go for market value or agreed value?
  13. I went for market value - was a little cheaper. Maybe not a wise decision?
  14. Depends. Is it new or 2nd hand? If 2nd hand, look up the year and kilometres of your VTR in the Redbook and see what it says the value is, that's what the insurers use.
  15. you bought it 8 weeks ago , if they offer anything less than what you paid then you tell then to gf
  16. hmmm i got rear ended on my VTR, nowhere near as badly as you though, i kept the bike upright and there was no damage to the subframe/swingarm... i couldn't see any damage to the swingarm linkage/rear shock linkage or axel (visual eyeball) and the bike felt straight while riding. Kept riding her for another week or so, then she got written off in another accident :?

    more damage done to the pr!ck's car than my bike :LOL:
  17. Good news! Honda says it's fixable
    Bad news! Honda says it might take up to 4 weeks to get all the parts etc!!!!


    4 weeks without a bike!
  18. An update. The bike was a write-off! Just got paid out after two weeks. I don't think that's too bad. Thought it might take a lot longer. The payout was more than I originally paid for the bike. I went out and purchased another VTR 250 yesterday with a luggage rack etc, half the kms and basically I'm not out of pocket! Can't wait to pick it up tommorow hopefully.
  19. Hmmm,

    If you don't want to get it fixed, I would love some parts off you.
  20. 14 days is standard time frame if its a straight forward claim with no hiccups

    Lucky you in all aspects. [​IMG]