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Rear Ended Tonight :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Frost, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Well i was on my way home in pouring rain and gusty winds after a long day at both my jobs. sitting at the lights i hear a screech and think nothing of it but it gets louder and louder and i look in my mirrors and see the white glow of a cagers headlights and think to myself... fcuk!

    BANG! the car rear ends me, pushing the BRAND NEW 2008 M50 straight out from under me and onto the right side... i reach over and kill the bike turn around and go WTF! with my arms up in the air, then i look down at the bike and then at his car, my bike is a TANK! the old commy is smashed to pieces.

    I get the driver to help me lift up the bike and push it off the road, meanwhile a security lady heading home stops and takes some details for me and rings the cops, they arrive (meanwhile a dickhead does a red light and gets busted) lol we do all the normal stuff.

    I get home and do a once over on the bike this is the count so far.

    small dents and scratches up the exhaust
    number plate and rego holder totaled
    along with the shovel that got pushed up under the rear guard
    bent the the whole forward controls up (where the weight of the bike came down on it) scratched the mirror and break leaver end
    bent out the exhaust on a slight angle
    the crash ends on the handle bars is loose since it landed on it

    this is pretty much all i could tell from a look tonight while the bike is all wet, next thing is what the hell to do.
    Get it fixed of course, but i wonder if it has deeper damage.
    he hit hard, just lucky the bike stopped the car from going over the top of me.

    sad day :(
  2. It's not a sad day when you can come home unscathed and share this story mate.
    bikes can be replaced or fixed, people are not as easy.
  3. thats sucks man - repaired bikes are never quite the same :(
  4. Same thing happened to me around 18mths ago mate. Sorry to hear.

    At least you're alright though :)
  5. not getting touched is good :) going home with all my limbs and life is always a +

    perfect excuse for those new pipes :)
  6. Walking away is a good outcome for any stack dude. :)

    Get the bike checked out properly. You could have a bent frame, swingarm, wheel, axle, suspension etc.... Any tap big enough to knock you off can do damage that might not be apparent at first glance. :)
  7. Hmm, doesn't sound like enough to be a write-off. That sucks. Brand new bike and you'll always be wondering if the swingarm and subframe are straight. Tough luck dude.
  8. you could always do a little frame bending later on if you think they won't replace it ;)

    good to hear you are okay, that's the important thing!
  9. mate,that sux but im glad your ok.where do you live coz the weather in sydney was beautiful tonight :p
    i was worrying about the exact same thing on my way home tonight becase there was a serious crash on my route and the traffic was horrific and smart arses where preventing myself and a couple of other riders from lane splitting,which makes me nervous when tempers get frayed.
    stay safe mate and good luck with the repairs :wink:
  10. after a few near hits (not near misses as if u nearly miss somethin u hit it), i had my first hit a few months ago, took the brunt on my right arm.

    it takes balls to be a bike rider, big ones.

    although any bigger we would wrestle crocs.
  11. Geez Frost
    what a bugger of a night to be out on the bike too
    it was almost like cyclone weather yesterday arvo and evening and today isnt much better

    where did it happen??

    Hope your not sore today
    so I guess an invite on a ride is out of the question?? :p
    will raincheck until your ready

  12. Dunno, my observation of late is that the write bikes off if they've got a scratch in the paint!!!

    Anyways, I hope you've had a medical check too, mate, you never know what injuries adrenalin covers at the time :wink:.
  13. What a bugger of a thing to happen. Sorry mate. :cry:
    Any accident you walk away from is always a 'good' one though.
    As others have said " bikes can be repaired/replaced".
    Keep Safe!
  14. the cops came and said since it is recorded your all covered for MAIB stuff :)
    i only have a small bruise on my shin where the bike tapped me on the way down.

    i never even fell over lol

    the right hand side peg twisted the frame i think. i had to jump on it to get it back down, so i could ride it home.

    here is hope to a new bike... break in again :(
  15. Spewing, my arms will still be in the air lol.

    Farkin new bike too, i wouldnt want it back damaged and demand a new one from the insurance.

    Good to hear your okay from it all.
  16. he hit with some force you should see the car, looks like it hit a pole

    there could be anything wrong with it, do you think i would have a chance that due to the cost of a brand new M50 compared to the cost of fixing this one and the possiblity that i go down the road and it falls apart and kills me, and it hasnt even done 2000km that they just replace?

    If they done i will be asking for a new factory replacement parts of the following at least

    Rear Tyre
    Rear Rim
    Rear Axel
    Exhaust (full set)
    exhaust Brackets and mounting kit
    rear number plate holder and indicators
    rear brake leaver
    right hand mirror
    right hand throttle assembly (now it makes a noise and is all loose when turning the throttle)
    rear suspension setup

    that i would say is more than buying a new one :p

    well it goes in on wednesday for inspection
    since it is rideable and i have to get to work. would i be ok to ride it?
  17. Wall if he wasn't thinking that he is now.. :grin:

    I think i saw someone say in another post something about the bike being less then 6 months old they replace it??? it could of been in a dream i had but i guess its worth asking if they have something like that.

    GL with it all.
  18. Yeh i would of thought such a new bike would be replaced. Sometimes the insurance claim some bikes as write-offs even if they have slight fairing damage. Soo many bikes with under 100kms and been stacked with minimal damage.

    You could hit the frame with a hammer :grin:
  19. well the right hand side peg (bracket and all) was vertical and i had to stomp it down with my foot so i could use it as the rear brake was behind the exhaust. and that is attached to the frame.

    who knows, i will try and get a new bike out of them, but if they dont play ball then i will get the money out of the guy that hit me and use my insurance which will replace the bike for a brand new one, if it is a ride off.
  20. Oh what a shit of a thing to happen. Glad you're ok. Good luck with the bike too.
    On a brighter note is it possable the driver was just trying to push you home and save the last 2 or 3 litres in your tank? J/K :wink: