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Rear ended this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Just what I need atm, something else to take up time in my already negatively geared time non-reserve.

    Came onto the city bound Burnley street entrance to the South Eastern Fwy at about quarter to 9 this morning. Looked down the side of the 2 cars sitting in both lanes in front of the lights that put a 10 odd second delay between each entering vehicle. Decided that probably best to wait this one out. As I pulled up behind the cars the second car has taken off as the lights flicked to green, seriously considered following it and decided that I should be good and wait for the light to change for me.......waiting waiting...seemed like a bloody long time.....light about the change......and SLAM!!! hit from behind. I don't remember any braking sound so I guess I'll have to believe the mid-aged female drivers story that her foot slip of the brake in her automatic.

    Head is thrown back and bike pushed forward about 2 - 3 metres. Luckily my rear wheel was wedged in against/under her bumper and the bike stayed upright. Tried a couple of times to dislodge my wheel from her bumper without success until she came to her senses and reverse off me. Rolled forward to the extreme left of the road (no emergency lane here but after hearing stories about drivers taking off after hitting fellow riders I didn't want to give her any room to do a runner.). Got off the bike shaking like a leaf and slowly took off my gloves, helmet and balaclava. She came over looked at her car and ask if I was ok. I'm still standing there doing mental checks to make sure I'm ok and watching my hands trying to shake themselves off at the wrists. She went back to her car and got her business card, pen and paper.

    I had enough sense to write down her rego and get her License number off her. She didn't seem overly concerned about my well-being just looked like she was fulfilling her obligation so she could continue on with her day.

    Bike seems to be ok but it is feeling a little spongy, bent number plate, scratches on the mud guard and marks on the tyre. I'll have to get someone to check out the wheel to make sure it is still round and that there is no other damage to the swingarm or anything else.

    Neck and upper back are a but sore and stiff, been to the chiro and will return again after work. I'll see how I feel tomorrow when it should all start to really stiffen up.

    Took me about 10 minutes after she left to stop shaking enough to ride the bike another 100metres into the emergency lane and well away from traffic (city link truck tired to get me to move but didn't stop after I told him I'd been rear ended just left me to my own devices). While I was calming down I rang the Vic police head quarters and was told to call 000, rang them and after going through a battery of questions they decided that they didn't need to respond to it but was advised to report it at a police station. Just got back from the Carlton police station and they refused to take a report and kept insisting it was a matter for the insurance companies.

    So I've email the driver with as much detail as I have so far and requested she provide her insurance details unless she will cover the costs herself.

    Anyone think of anything I'm missing or should be worrying about?

    Hopefully I'll still be good to go to Merrimbulla but I see how I and my bike pulls up over the next couple of days. :cry:

    A few riders sent me enquiring glances to see if I was ok and I waved them on, just needed to wait until I'd calmed down. But a bloke on a Kawa (think it was a kawa) stopped and chatted with me for a couple of minutes, told me about how he had been bumped from behind while doing 100km/h because he was in the way then the driver continued to harass him further down the road. My thanks to other riders that sent enquiring glances and slowed to see if I was ok and also to the bloke who pulled over for a couple of minutes.

    All in all not too bad really but pisses me off that she is going to pretty much continue on with her day without any repercussions. Also judging but the attitude of the cop in Carlton, no point in doing the right thing in regards to road rules far far better to look out for number one and lane split and take off at the light when you get the chance.
  2. shit matt, sorry to hear about the rear end..

    would of been scary but atleast ur bike didnt topple over :D
  3. The main thing is you're okay.

    The bike can be fixed on insurance if it needs to be. Maybe you shoulda dropped it and get everything fixed on her insurance :wink:

  4. Glad no injuries matt . I haven't been on a ride with you but with your luck i think i'll stay way clear.
  5. Glad to hear that you are (sort of) OK Matt. Your luck has been a bit uneven of late... Dont mean to go authoritative on you but I will offer this advice. In future, see a physio before you even consider seeing a chiro. Physios (in my opinion at least) are much better at assessing and treating injuries. Manipulating the spine is worthless if there is no assessment of any underlying muscular problems.
  6. Matt, I'm glad you're okay. Hope your bike isn't too badly damaged. Don't believe that woman when she says her foot slipped. Rubbish. Some people are just too goddamn impatient and won't consider you as another vehicle and take off right up your rear when you do. And then there are those nitwits that pretend not to see the lights even though they've been waiting behind others.
  7. Glad your OK Matt .. you didnt need this. Go to another cop station? .. keep going until you find one that will take your report?

    People .. I've said this a few times recently, but it needs saying again. If you are in an accident with another vehicle, CALL AN AMBULANCE. It's free and saves you a lot .. the police have to attend and take a report, and your covered by TAC in case of injury - ongoing or immediate. Plus you get peace of mind with a checkover. Once the police attend and take a report, they also have to file charges if appropriate which makes any insurance claim a lot easier.
  8. The ambulance fee is covered by the TAC?
  9. Only free if you have ambulance cover Mouth.
  10. Correct.
  11. Incorrect!
  12. matt, think you need a new bike or an exorcist.

    Glad to hear you are alright but talk about a bad run :\
  13. Matt, sorry it happened and HAPPY you are OK. The sponginess is more than likely just nerves.... If the rim was damaged, it would not feel spongy, it would vibrate. Although, the swingarm "may" be a problem as the linkage to the rear shock..... Either way, unlikely to be any structural or serious damage. BUT GET IT CHECKED OUT as you ARE coming to Merimbula.... :)

    Mouth, good advice mate. :)
  14. TAC is magic. If your vehicle is registered, and you have an accident, comp the treatment, inlcuding ambulance.

    Good to hear your ok matt.
  15. Oh, as for bad luck, it always comes in three's and fours....

    1999 - March - rear ended by car at 45mph
    1999 - April - Side swipe guard rail near cliff edge
    1999 - June - Car passing hits me with rear of car
    1999 - August - Racing crash
    1999 - October - The big one
    1999 - December - More broekn bones
    2000 - January - Hit by another car

    Or, in my case, double digits..... Knock on wood.
  16. What these people don't tell you is how many other accidents that they've been involved in. This woman obviously knew the "drill" and was taking advantage of your shocked state to do the minimum necessary so she could get on her way to her MORE IMPORTANT appointment.

    Mouth is right, it's better to over-react to an accident than to under-react and regret it later. We all do it ;"Oh, i'm alright, etc etc", but if you collapse from shock or a sore neck 20 minutes later when the woman has gone, it's only your word against her that it's directly attributable to the accident.

    Hope you are ok, and I do look forward to seeing you in Merimbula.
  17. So why have ambo cover if it is covered by TAC?
    as in why do they offer it?
  18. Didn't know that TAC were that nice! Got ambulance cover anyway.....
  19. shit mate, sorry to hear about the crash hope your okay.

    I'm so worried about getting rear ended. Hope it never happens.
  20. Just in case you are learning back somersaults on a trampoline and you fall off - knock yourself unconscious and break your arm.

    Or if you are competing in a trampoline competition and phuck up your ankle mid-routine and need to carted away for xrays.

    Not all "accidents" happen on the road......