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Rear Ended this afternoon(kind of)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by melbas, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. So i'm riding to a friends house, get on the cahill expressway, lots of traffic in the first tunnel, doing about 5km/h when Whack! i feel a crunch, turns out a BMW has love tapped me. We both get out, a lady in a 4WD was nice enough to signal me over saying she saw the whole thing, he just ran up my arse & gave her her number so that's a witness.
    Damage at a glance seems to be just cosmetic,the fender thing was pushed into the rear tire, pryed it out and it seems to be just a bit bent & i can't really see much else other than bent-ish indicators.

    I got the drivers details and he admitted fault. He said it wasn't his car, but it had insurance.

    So i figure i'll just take it to a bike shop and get them to do a look over of it, and get him to pay what it costs to fix.
    Considering it was a low speed hit (didn't come off, or stall bike) from behind what parts of the bike should i be concerned about? Dented rim/tyre, stuff like that?


  2. Check all the lights work, damaged numberplate, plate frame, ducktail, fender and damage to the tyre would be most likely. Any damage to the tyre is probably minimal anyway. Check for damage to the rim, swingarm and check the wheel for any sign of wobble/loosness or mis-alignment. All long shots but better safe than sorry. The bike shop will check it over carefully when they do the quote anyway. :)
  3. "Hello Mr Bike Shop owner, I was rear-ended by a moron.
    Please spend as much time as you like completely satisfying yourself of what needs replacing, and that the rest of the bike is safe and undamaged, and send the bill for your time to these losers..."
  4. sorry for your accident, but it makes me wonder about something so I hope you dont mind if I ask in your thread. Isn't admitting liability after an accident frowned upon by insurance companies? Even obvious cases like this I have always thought its best just to say "Im fully insured" and exchange details. That way the victim has no worries about being reimbursed.
  5. Having been rearended and getting a slightly bent rear fender (amongst other things) myself I can tell you they'll most likely just replace the whole fender. If it costs as much as mine, that alone will be many pretty $$$. They'll just replace anything else that is slightly bent, so don't bother trying to straighten things yourself. When the idiot gets a bill for 5 grand perhaps he'll pay a bit more attention in traffic in future...
  6. if I didnt have an undertail zorst, I would have been hit this morning.

    go to the shop and get them to check EVERYTHING. He's got insurance, might as well use it
  7. Don't mind at all mate. :)

    Hmm, hard to not admit fault when u hit someone from behind. But i'd be curious about this too. I think he didn't want to put it through insurance however, as i imagine it might be cheaper for him just to pay repairs rather than excess and all that.

    However if he gives me trouble i'll just make a claim and my insurance company will chase it up.
  8. How come the undertail exhaust made a difference??
  9. the bumper was right where the zorst would have been if I had one on the side.

    I think he was one of those easily agroed drivers. I quickly put some cars between us.
  10. Geez, lucky! :shock:
  11. "...probably needs a full re-spray too, as well as a new top-of-the-range exhaust and whatever else you have that will fit this bike....." :LOL:

    Ooo this is fun!
  12. perhaps Im missing the joke but really we all (well those who pay for insurance) pay for this sort of thing in the end. when did people in this country get so damm greedy?
  13. fyi, I wouldn't actually do that.

    lighten up. :roll: