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Rear ended, kinda

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Let this be a lesson to you. Never drop your guard no matter how sure you are that you're safe.
    Sitting in a queue last night, I had no way forward and at least a dozen stationary cars behind me. So, stuck it in neutral and dozed off for a few seconds.
    Bang! Bike jumps forward (a little) and I nearly lose balance but got it straight before it dropped.
    The driver in the ute behind jumps out - "Sorry, sorry, my foot got jammed on the clutch!"

    After examination, there's no damage apart from a slightly crumpled number plate (care factor = 0) and the swingarm looks ok, so got away with it that time, both of us.

    But what if I'd been at the front of the queue, or up close to the car in front? If he'd hit a bit harder?
    Sure, it was his fault but shit happens and I was caught napping. Much worse could have been in store and I wouldn't have known. I'll take that as a warning.

  2. You were on a KTM in Carlton right?
  3. Glad you are ok.

    I'm a serial relaxer when I know the 2 cars behind me have stopped. Just wondering how much you could have done if you were paying full attention. Do you think if you were paying attention you could have registered a lurch forward by the car behind you with enough time to do anything about it?
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  4. It's an awful feeling being hit from behind. I know many people here use the possibility as an excuse to filter to the front, but sometimes that's not possible either, and when you're stuck with no escape route, it all happens very quickly....
  5. Yep that was me, you're bike's got a nice exhaust note ;)
    In this particular occasion, no, not much more than be ready to catch the bike more quickly. But there have been other times/places when I've done something something similar.
    I'm reminded of a comment somewhere about the injury outcomes being different for those that 'see it coming' as opposed to those who don't.
    Realistically, there was an escape route, I just didn't want to use it to filter. On the other hand, there was very little time.
    I think just being in a better physical posture would have helped if the impact was greater.
  6. I made a comment like that a couple of days ago. I probably should pay attention to myself a little bit more.
  7. Lucky the guy wasn't coming to a stop. I assume you were quite relaxed on the bars and no brakes on which helped minimize damage/injury? Could have been worse and good that you kept it upright!

    I had a similar incident in a slip lane. I slowed to a stop and the car behind me didn't slow down fast enough and gave me a love tap. I expected it, so got lose on the bars and no brakes. Minimized damage (just number plate) as I jolted forward and no injuries. BTW I could not have moved forward unless I was planning on getting T-boned by a car.
  8. I was on the footpath waiting for a mate so sadly, whatever bike you refer to with the exhaust was not me.

    I also hate to be the bearer of bad news but the guy is full of it. He was looking in his lap when he nudged you, I assume looking on his phone. I watched the whole thing pan out, it was like a slow speed train wreck happening. The cars a few cars in front of you had sort of just started creeping forwards so I guess he thought he was all good and let his attention wander elsewhere.

    Anyway, was going to wander over and give you a hand but you seemed to have it under control and IMO deserve a pat on the back for keeping such a cool head.

    In retrospect I kind of wish I spoke up, but at the time thought it best not to poke my nose in (but was ready to if required).
  9. Wow, there you go, never know what you'll find out.
    (There was a Striple went past, I assumed it was you)
    I hadn't even noticed the traffic ahead creeping, which is a mark against me for being zoned out.
  10. I wouldn't worry about it mate, it would have been a second (probably less) before you spotted the traffic moving (based on where you were sitting). I had a particularly good vantage point of the events and only saw this unfold because I was watching all the bikes go past (fixated on yours a bit because it's cool/different).

    Not worth losing sleep over, glad it was a minor one.