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Rear ended AGAIN: I must be living on borrowed time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Nothing too serious this time. This morning I was riding the deadly treadly to pickup my cage after having it serviced. The ride is all of perhaps 2km. But at the very first set of lights I'm stopped behind a car waiting for the light to change when I get a love tap from the woman in the car pulling up behind me.

    Yelling and waving of hand ensues, she mouths a throw away sorry and goes back to looking at her lap (I think it was her mobile). Completely ignoring the significance of what she just did.

    Take my feet out of my pedal straps and stand flat footed waiting for her to start paying attention to the road (notice I didn't say start paying attention to the road AGAIN). Eventually she raises her head and copes another earful while all the other cars have moved off.

    I must have something stuck on my arse or is it just my arse that is causing this target fixation?

    I was REALLY missing my mirrors while on the bike after that.

    I haven't gotten on the pushie for a while I was shocked how extreme the seating position was don't think I'll complain about the seating position on the Blade for a while.
  2. you ride a pushie in peak hour..on the road???? :shock:

    you have a death wish.........obviously :p
  3. You really must stop wearing those tight Lycra shorts Matt.
  4. That's what 10ft of dunny paper hanging out the back of yer pants can do.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Mate, I would have propped the bike up against her front bumper bar and then called the ambo's saying I had just been hit by a car and was not feeling good. Then the cops would have had to come along as well. IF she had tried to move off then you could have got her for leaving the scene of an accident. I know that is what I would have done. You could have suffered whiplash from the impact.
    I mean she has hit you and you being on a push bike are in the far left of the lane so what the smeg was she doing, On these occassions then the mobile phone with the camera in it come in handy. for evidence
  6. nar it was about 10:30ish

    Nope, i was in Dragin Jeans. :LOL:
  7. one option only for you matt, buy a HUMMER :LOL:
  8. Ran all this through my head but I couldn't bring myself to waste valuable Copper and Ambo time on me or her, after all the impact only rolled the bike forward 5cm. But the camera phone didn't cross my mind that would have been worth it.

    I was sitting in the right wheel rut of the left lane planning on going around the two left hand turning cars in front once the light changed. But even then it was purely the fact that she wasn't paying attention to what the hell she was doing that she hit me at all and then she completely ignored any responibility for it afterwards and returned to her SMS after the throw away appology.
  9. I think the Knight 2000 is a better bet.
  10. Geeze Matt! Maybe you should either get a tank or a helicopter!
  11. I know if it had been me and the bikes I ride, I would want to make sure I have all her details in case any of it was damaged. Then get her to pay for all the problems. That is my reason for getting the cops and ambo's involved. It can cost a fair bit to get an expensive pushbike back on the road again, bit like the m/cycle really and the most innocuous tap can cause damage to wheels and drive trains.
    And if she had not hit you would she have hit the cars sitting in front of you, then it could have been worse for her then.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing I suppose and in the heat of the moment all you really want to do is rip their head off and defecate down their neck.
  12. Matt, here's an idea.... Give up all your bloody wheels and hire a chauffer instead.

    Far safer bet if you ask me :p
  13. sell the bike , sell the pushy and then by a humvee
    thats about the only thing thats going to protect you :LOL:
  14. That's because some of your lights are not working!!! :) But makes you wonder when things like those start happening!

    BTW Better get a roll cage in that humvee, and make sure that you're wearing full face helmet all the time!
  15. :shock: Geezus Matt you gotta stop takin' it up the arse!!!!
    People will talk :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Glad you're ok matt. Hope you can come on the next ride I organise. You can be our sacrificial lamb to the motorcycling gods on the altar of bitumen. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Cant wait for the next Crash kings movie to come out.

    Starring Matt232!!
  18. Glad you are okay and hope you have better in the future. :)
  19. better........Crashes?......Sex?.......Sense of direction?...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: