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rear ended a car at 5 km/h and my lever is stiffer

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, May 17, 2007.

  1. i dunno. it became stiffer.. which is a good thing. the bike was tilted up to 70 degree as i was turning and holding the brake tight. can it be the old fuild that was stuck in the line got replaced? (i bled the brake myself a while ago)

    yeah the story was, it was a T intersection in the glen, where just 1 metre off the intersection is a pedestrian light. anyhow, the car in front of me went out, isaw the light is green, looked to the distance, incoming car soon, so i didn't look the left again, and throttle i go, which surprised me when i felt my bike just stopped there and somehow i managed to hold her tight this time.can't set the bike straight as the tyre was stuck underneath the damn car. driver came out, said 'ooh you damaged my car'. i just instruct him to get his damn car moving. wanted to get angry at him, but he seemed sorry himself...

  2. Not nececeraly

    Not unless you won tatsloto, got a new hot GF thats has $10mill and loves to give BJ's to you and your mates.

    I'd me looking for something thats been bent/damaged or jolted out of place.

    BE CAREFULL untill you go over everything with a fine tooth comb
  3. yeah everything looks okay. luckily i'm gonna replace the tyres this weekend. which means rebalancing

    i thought to myself as well, hmmm this is something good out of something bad...!
  4. Ok so you run into his car and your angry with him :shock:
  5. Just wondering, if you rear ended him isn't it your fault and not his so why would you get angry at him?
  6. well he shouldn't stay in the mid of road while the light is green. my guess is he was distracted by the pedestrian
  7. So that gives you the right to run up his arse?? Perhaps he'd jumped on the brakes to avoid the 6 year old kid running across the road or something. It's your responsibility to know what's going on in front of you. :roll:
  8. fcuk there are some real bitches on this forum .. give the guy a fcuking break FFS!!

    The natural human response to shock (and in this case rear ending someone) is an adrenaline rush followed by anger. Something no one can control, much in the same way as closing your eyes when you sneeze!

    Anyways, id be getting the bike looked over by someone in the know, maybe you missed something or something got bent?
  9. Nah, fcuk that!

    He said a stupid thing, deserves to get pulled up on it.
  10. "rear ended a car at 5 km/h and my lever is stiffer"

    Try Viagra. It's safer.
  11. :LOL: Glad I'm not the only one that was thinking that.
  12. check for a bent disc or damage to the caliper mount
  13. Try taking your own advice petal. It might have been his first reaction after the prang but it definitely shouldn't have been his reaction after he'd thought about it and gone and posted on here. I'll give anyone a break when they own up to their own mistakes instead of trying to blame someone else.