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Rear End Wobble?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by warney, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just started riding, went to Windsor last night, and on my way thru a few of the sweeping corners, I felt the rear wheel wobble.

    I tried a few things on various corners, more throttle, lower speed, etc, but it still wobbled.

    Could it be the stock Shinko's aren't that good?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. New bike or old bike?

    if older it may be wheel or swingarm bearings...
  3. If he has shinkos as stock, it'll be a hyoflung.

    1) The shinkos are rubbish and can be downright dangerous. Change them asap for a decent set of rubber

    2) There is a very strong possibility that your rear shock is on the way out. It's a common problem with Hyosungs and can be fixed under warranty - just don't expect that it'll be done in a reasonable timeframe (about 4 weks at the moment) because PS Imports don't keep stock desite this being a known problem.

    Best of luck.
  4. When did you last check your tyre pressure? :wink: :)
  5. brand new bike 150km!
    ill check pressures but i think its the tires
  6. mate u havnt scrubbed your tyres in yet, new tyres are like skating on ice

    is dougz right? hyosung?
  7. really? i heard from other people after the first hundred you would have put a decent enuff scrub on.

    and yes it is a hyosung
  8. Check tyre pressures, I had a similar problem. Turned out to be a bent tyre valve.
  9. I'll take it back. Jeez mate, ya could have told us it was only 150kms old :roll:

    Scrub your tyres in on the way back to the bike shop where you can get a decent set fitted. The stock Shinkos are truly horrendous tyres :shock:
  10. go to MCAS, they got some specials going at the moment..

  11. Yeh Shinko's aren't awe inspiring considering I rode my mates Ducati, and that had some decent tyres on it, NFI what they were but it gripped alot better.

    It turned out to be the tyre pressure, my fault, should have checked it when I first got the bike, as soon as I added some, the wobble, and lack of security in the rear all but went away. Still some there, but I guess that is just the tyre.

    Thanks Goz for the link but the stock ones are 110/70 17 & 150/70 17
  12. For the record, +1 for Hyos having shocking (get it?) rear shocks - mate had to get his replaced after only a few months.

    Not sure about the stock Shinko's on Hyos but Ken Wootton was full of praise for the Stealth Radials he got for his RC30 (unusual rear 180/55-18) in AMCN last month (Vol 58 No. 18 18-31 March 2009)

    Keep an eye on tyre pressure - if it keeps dropping you might have something stuck in it that needs extracting and repairing.
  13. Get your foot off the rear brake through the corner ;)
  14. Thorough search thru the tyre has noted a nail

    It was fate, that I had to change ;)

    So I think as with the consensus, BT-021?