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Rear Disc Brake Rubbing

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by thejonny, May 4, 2016.

  1. My GPX250R had a tumble, and I've just replaced the whole brake peg assembly thingy. The rear wheel does not turn over super easily anymore (not sure if it did in the first place to be honest), and having a look at the pad, it's just barely resting on the disc. I'm not sure if the brakes need to be readjusted or if it will automatically compensate when I ride it... any advice?

  2. My guess would be that you need to to adjust the pedal at the new footpeg assembly; at the moment it's probably 'dragging' the pads on the rear caliper.....
  3. How would I adjust the pedal though? Maybe I'm picking up on something that was never there. The spring is pulling the pedal out of the piston, not engaging it. It's entirely likely it was already like this, I've only had the bike over a week so I'm not yet familiar with it. It's my first bike too.
  4. Well can I suggest that at least until you get your skill levels up, it's probably best for your safety and sanity if you take the bike to a bike mechanic and get it fixed professionally.....
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  5. If you dropped it and moved the wheel in the swingarm, it may be riding skewed, which could see the disc dragging on the front or rear of the pads.
  6. Yeah fair call. Sometimes it's good to get some outside advice.