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Rear brakes making weird noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arnas, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Yesterday went out for a nice ride and after pulling into my parking lot I heard some weird noises when applying rear brakes! I've recorded it so you guys know what I'm talking about

    And on top of everything I can wiggle my rear brake by hand. Tried to tighten up screw however nothing was loose. I'm currently considering either taking bike to local shop and having them check it OR purchase brake pads myself and try to work on it
  2. Sounds like your pads are worn out and it's metal to metal on the disc. Shine a torch in on the front pads and compare them to the rear ones for comparison.

    What is it that you can wiggle by hand?
  3. give me few minutes I'll run downstairs to record it.
  4. check the brake pad wear indicators while you're at it.

  5. I tried to check how worn they were however I'm still new to bikes (been riding only for few weeks) so wasn't able to tell the difference
  6. looks to me like your pads are worn out. have you worked on car breaks before?
  7. It's a floating calliper, a little side to side movement isn't a big deal (they need to do that to stay in contact with the disk) and probably just suggests the pads are worn.
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  8. There are 2 different types of callipers,one has 2 pistons that move either side of the calliper behind each pad.The other kind has one piston that moves and the calliper its self also slides against the disk on the other side.The later is a cheaper way of doing it,I think it was a patten issue years ago as well.Thats what the rattle is I think,the grinding is probably warn pads.Time to do some maintenance NOW
  9. Oh well, public transport to work tomorrow :(
    Am I right to assume if rear brakes are gone front ones are soon to follow? and I should just go forward and replaced all of them?

    No I have not however from the videos I've watched online shouldn't be too hard to fix it up (hopefully).
  10. lol
    take it to a shop and get them to replace them, they will advise on state of front brakes
    unless you know what you are doing don't attempt yourself
    use your front brakes to get it too a shop you don't want the rear to lock up
    while your there get them to show you how to inspect your brakes
    they are important
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  11. If you are doing it yourself and find that you have to open the reservoir, pack a lot of rags around it - easier to soak up overflows and spillage than to clean it off the bike, floor etc
  12. you need to establish if there is any friction material left on the pads. you can't tell by wiggling.
    the lighter colour stuff with slots in pic below is the friction material.

    you can likely see from top or side of caliper, with a torch, if you have any left, or if the metal backing plate is touching the disc

    front and rear brake wear rate depends on how you use them. there is likely no relationship between front and rear wear.

    sintered pads can often squeal a bit, and may indicate pad drag, but first step first, see if the pads are actually worn.
  13. Would you say it's safe to ride it 20kms to my dealership? I purchased bike of them and they gave me 3 month warranty
  14. yeah why not use your front brakes unless you have to use the rear
    your pads will not be covered by warranty
  15. #15 oldcorollas, Feb 1, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2015
    it's safe for you to use a torch and take a photo :)

    for example, looking from rear of caliper on my bike I can see the pads as below:

    edit: should look like Goozas pic below
  16. not at my place it isnt
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  17. Here's a photo from my cb400's rear :). These pads I would say are ok

    Not exactly studio lighting - sorry.

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  18. Edit: Beaten by Gooza :p

    are those little holes the wear markers for those pads? looks about right thickness to change
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  19. Yes oldcorollasoldcorollas , they are indeed the wear markers (after having a closer look at the bike). I had to post the original photo from my phone, so i could then 'edit' it with my PC.
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